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Originally Posted By: SKI
Yep looks good.
Lots of dragonflies up there?

None out up high currently. Generally don't see them much up around the peaks until September.
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Another walk on the weekend and again very nice weather.

From the Panorama Road we headed out across a marsh up to a lake in between Iwanupuri and Weiss Mt. We went beyond into the valley below the lake and found remains of some sort of settlement. Am going to see if we can find out what it was.


Anyway the start of the walk looking out over the marsh. Luckily there's a wooden walkway across this section. The track winds up to the saddle between the mountains ahead.




Just coming out of the marsh into the pine forest




First view of the lake with Iwanupuri behind.




From the lake's edge.




A canal near the remains of the settlement.




Not much left but a few stumps and lots of glazed bricks.




More remains




View out towards the end of the valley






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Probably going to wait till new stock comes out. Even through some of the big outdoor retialers in the US there is hardly any stock left. I want to be able to buy the whole lot in one hit. Am a little worried though about buying boots without trying on first. Can't seem to find anyone in Japan though stocking Dynafit boots (at least in my size)...

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My first post. Holidaying in Hirafu this week. Raining this morning, so not going out until the afternoon. Have come here the last 2 Winter seasons, and was interested to see the place in Summer. Was afraid that there would be nothing to do, but not so. Went to the Toya area on Monday. Beautiful scenery, Windsor Hotel (G8 Summit this time last year), bear zoo, active volcano, springs. Dropped into the Rusutsu amusement park on the way back. Open, fully staffed, no customers! I guess that it gets busy on weekends. Climbed Annupuri on Tuesday. White water rafting on Wednesday. Walked to, and around Hangetsu (lake on the slopes of Yotei) yesterday (Thursday). Resting and recovering in Hirafu and Kutchan today (Friday). A few tourists around. Japanese/Australian/Asian - far more than I expected. Quite a few food outlets/restaurants operating - again, far more than I expected, and business seems to be good. Not as expensive as in winter! Most onsens up and running. The Vale and Snow Crystal, both at the bottom of the Family Run, are under construction. Hardly any other construction going on. Weather variable, rain on Wednesday and again this morning. Only 3 scheduled buses between Hirafu and Kutchan every day (morning, midday and late afternoon), so you have to get your timing right. Yotei still streaked with snow. Bars and golf - don't ask, not my scene! Planning a day trip to Sapporo tomorrow. PS carbon fibre skis on sale in Kutchan! Light as.

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Dacoit thanks for your report we are all having withdrawal symptoms for MikePow's awesome winter snow reports so it was nice to hear what is going on in hirafu in summer and things still happen there!!


TA thumbsup

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