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Heres one of those ridiculously stupid questions???


The snow level in niseko is 265cm with snow forecast all week BUT on Monday heavy rain is forecast. Will it destroy the base there or does it ice up what is there.


Is it normal to get rain this time of year??

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Originally Posted By: ger
The base will be there until May but rain makes a nasty crust once things freeze over. But I don't see rain on the horizon in any of my forecasts.

Monday is looking a little warm and rain may be possible at lower levels. At best it'll still be very wet snow or sleet. Touch and go at this stage what will happen. Colder air will follow, let's just hope not too much precip precedes it.
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Tuesday 13 and Wednesday 14 January 2009

Grand Hirafu, Niseko Resort Area


0cm of new snow at MQ


Sunny skies and great grooming. World class actually.



Thursday 15 January 2009

Grand Hirafu, Niseko Resort Area


52cm in the past 24 hrs at MQ


Didn't get out in it today, but by all accounts it was awesome.


Did get out for a nighter though and it was superb smile


Knee deep on the groomers. Nip deep in the trees.


Hasn't stopped snowing all day, so tomorrow sould be one for the ages.



Glen running silent and deep on Kona Yuki




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Yep, ski instructor.



Friday 16 January 2009

Grand Hirafu, Niseko Resort Area


20cm in the past 24 hrs at MQ


And it was one for the ages.


Not a bad turn to be had on the mountain, well the Grand Hirafu areas anyhow.


Skied with Jag and Scout again today. The last time this winter. And what a day to go out on.


Deep, light, consistent. Not too many people out.


Snowed most of the day, but the 30 mins or so of sunshine this afternoon when we were doing laps in waterfall were superb.


On to the pics






























Snowing as I write. Will be another great one tomorrow smile

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Can't complain wink



Saturday 17 January 2009

Grand Hirafu, Niseko Resort Area


12cm in the past 24 hrs at MQ


Great day on the hill. Sunshine and plenty of low angle pow to enjoy.


Peak and gates opened and the boys said it was fast and light.


And just in case you were wondering, here's what the snow looks like at MQ - Mike's Quarters.



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Beautiful Photo Mike!! Went off on a little day dream when I saw it smile


THANKS to Snow Japan for the Report today I was totally depressed thinking the rain will have washed everything away but your up beat report has given me optimism that there will still be good snow in 2 weeks. thumbsup

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Sunday 18 January 2009

Grand Hirafu, Niseko Resort Area


9cm in the past 24 hrs at MQ


Not as deep as in previous days, but very, very enjoyable powder both in and out of the resort.


Spent the first two hours teaching and skiing freshly fallen and blown in boot top powder around Ace #3 chair and in Rinkan with Tracy and Filip.


And then Emilia (yes she of the 'ski with me in Niseko' thread fame), Tracy, Filip, Mark and I did three laps through Gate 4 above Hanazono.


Glorious sunshine, fast traverse track to get to the goods, nobody in our sights, and fast, light boot to knee deep pow. Sure it was tracked but there were plenty of islands of fresh and the chopped felt like untouched.

















And yes he did land it.



















Started snowing lightly as we skied back over to Hirafu, and it was really coming down as I got home later that evening. I went to bed with thoughts of another powder day in the Niseko Resort Area smile




Monday 19 January 2009

Grand Hirafu, Niseko Resort Area


7cm in the past 24 hrs at MQ


I was woken at 4am with the sound of rain lashing against the roof and the glacial creak of the snow calving off the roof of the cabin.


With nowhere to go it filled half the path from yesterday's pic :(


90 minutes later and the path restored to its full glory, the rain started again.





What driving rain does to snow





No turns for me today - discretion is the better part of valour - but Greg (he of 'Big Wednesday' fame) said the groomers were soft and in good shape but the off-groomed was sticky and heavy.


It will be interesting to see how this rain event affects the snowpack.


Wind has been gusting most of the day, and as I write it's become cooler with 'real' flakes falling gently from the sky.


Hopefully this will be a minor blip in the powder proceedings, as the other rain events have been.


For those looking to arrive in the next week things should be back to normal pretty quickly.

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I understand that it is all dependent on many variables and the place can create its own weather but is the weather Patten in Niseko similar to say here in Aust, in that a cold/snow front will possible come thru every 5 - 7 days?

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I was considering a few of the main places to go.


Amongst other things, your pics and reports have played a big part in helping me choose Niseko, MikePow.


Good job and thanks for sharing.

I hope I'll be sharing the snow soon.




Top site btw, I reckon Japan ski resorts owe SJ a lot.

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