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Hell All- Its been ages since I last posted on here, but Im certainly glad that its almost that time again.



My question is this: I currently live in the north Tohoku area (hakoda being my home mountain) with tons f other within a short drive. However, Im taking about a 12 day holiday over new years (leaving say the 30th) and trying to hit about 3-4 major resorts around Japan in that period.


I was looking for some advice on:


-where i should try to be for New years, if I have a choice

-best transportation option: shin or fly?

- Best resorts to hit overall, keeping in mind that Ill be traveling with my gear.. and which ones will have good odds of having pow during the first week of Jan... because i KNOW we will be buried in it long before then. ahhh the joys of living here..( though i assure you that heavy snow is just about the ONLY joy of the area).


I hope that my questions are not overly vague. ANy advice would be great! thanks!



James in Aomori ken

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I hope that my questions are not overly vague.

They are!! wink

Though I would say hitting places in Niigata and Nagano might be good. If you don't want to go that far, how about Zao and resorts round there and Fukushima?
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