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I'm running out of money and looking for a job.


Do you guys think I could get paid to do spellcheck and basic grammar cleanup on snowboard and ski mags?


Maybe I could just charge them $50 for my list of top 5 mistakes so often seen that they may become the norm. Seeing these in e-mails, posts and short memos that are whipped off is fine, but in a nationally-published glossy magazine?! Sheesh.



1. The difference between "its" and "it's"


2. How to spell the word "definitely" (hint: there's no "a" in it)


3. The difference between "their" and "there"


4. The difference between "affect" and "effect"


5. The difference between "principle" and "principal"



Oh well. Those Transworld writers have jobs...look at me, I'm unemployed and missing a big piece of knee cartilage.


Maybe nobody cares anyway. Language is continually evolving and I don't need to care about that.


In principal, their's definately no bad affects from all this.



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