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Ill-advised organisation names

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Moro Islamic Liberation Front



Tangible Evidence, Real Discoveries



Polar Research Institute of China



Public Information Services



Tennessee Organisation of Locksmiths



Austrian Spine Society



Georgia Institute of Technology



Sino-Nasal Outcome Test



Canadian Reform Alliance Party


Any others?

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I happened by a TV channel with news from the Philippines on and lingered there for half a minute before I realized the "MILF" they were talking about wasn't the good kind. There was some dude on camera in a military uniform and dark sunglasses, and I was wondering if he was the "Minister of MILF" or something to that effect.

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I boarded (you know, paid board to live with) a bloke who was studying a Batchellor of Education, wioth a specialisation in Aboriginal Studies. He wanted to put letters after his name that read ...


AStudInBEd. Don't think he ever did, though wink

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Originally Posted By: Mamabear
Curtin University of Technology was going to be called...
Curtin University of NEW Technology.

A little off topic, but I have an Easton mountain bike handlebar with "Composite Nanotube Technology. I'm pretty sure they did that on purpose.
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