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Originally Posted By: soubriquet
No problem. Slightly different grammar, different vocabulary, different spelling.

No criticism. It feels artificial to me because it isn't the language I speak.

I completely understand, it was like the time I taught British English... lol Very weird for me I tell ya...
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Originally Posted By: thursday
whatabout the bitch from hell?

Hell is a small town in Norway, in the late 80's you could get your passport stamped "to Hell and back"
Not sure if you still can...probably not
Cant remember too much about the town but I guess there were a few bitches there. Just remember it was damn cold.
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I agree Soubs, when you come across American words that they want you to teach, it feels very artificial. Not natural, but I often also say the UK version and say that both forms are perfectly acceptable.


Why are Big Macs called Big MACS when they come from McDonalds?

Its not MACdonalds. They should be called Big Mcs (Mics)


Scotch tape is not from Scotland, but from America. IIRC it was just the name of the original company who made it before 3M took it over, something like that anyways.


Scotch eggs....dunno about that, could be Scottish

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Not Scottish:


A Scotch egg consists of a cold hard-boiled egg removed from its eggshell, wrapped in a sausage meat mixture, coated in breadcrumbs, and deep-fried. The dish was invented by the London food shop Fortnum & Mason, in 1738. Contrary to popular belief, it is not a Scottish dish. Scotch eggs are commonly eaten cold, typically with salad and pickles.


Scotch eggs were traditionally a picnic food, designed to be eaten fresh. However, in the UK at least, they have acquired an unfashionable, downmarket reputation due to the preponderance of pre-packed, plastic-wrapped Scotch eggs sold at convenience stores and motorway service stations.

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Originally Posted By: pie-eater
Do Scottish guys wear anything under their kilts and sporrons?

As Soubs says, we don't wear underwear under our kilts, we are flying free!! smile

Not very hygenic if you use rented Kilts!! lol
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