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That's mainly those who've not had it and suddenly get a heap (ie thriough a lottery or such). Those that were born into money are like that from the start - well, some of them are!

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Generalisations, people!!! slap


In my experience there are arseholes and there are nice people and the amount of money in thier bank account has little to do with where they sit in those catagories!!


Nice hard working folks that do well in life tend to stay nice hard working folks who quite often share the love with friends, family and the unfortunate. Awful folks who do well financially tend to be loud, obnoxious and selfish with thier money.


Similarly nice well rounded people born into money are nice well rounded people who happen to have no problem paying thier light bill - but granted there are asses who are born into wealth as well...


It is not the money that makes them who they are.

And this is now completely offtopic

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