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Originally Posted By: ger
Holly crap, Mantas! Was that dude OK? Looks like he lost some weight.

Yeah, he was fine. The thing that freaked me out was that I was surfing at that spot just 3 days before this happened.

Sorry it's a bit off topic, well no not really, we are talking about meat eaters arn't we. confused

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My French flatmate showed me how cheese can work on a BBQ, and it's awesome!!!


Take the paper off a Camembert, put the cheese back in it's wooden box, wrap the whole thing in tin foil and bury in the hot coals. This should be done after you have finished cooking all the meat and the BBQ is starting to cool. Leave for about 10 minutes.


Remove, open and dip chunks of baguette into the molten cheese. Awesome!!!!

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