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Welcome to LIFE - beer, tree's and more..

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OK...just gotta share!

I am fresh back from my first real 'girls trip', certainly my first 'girls snow trip' - and it was a weekend of firsts. I really have led a protected life!!! doh


But I really enjoyed myself - and realised what I have been missing out on! Have I created a monster? evilgrin


My firsts:

Organising & being responsible for a trip for self & others.

Being ballsy - like taking an extra guest into Qantas Club by bluff!

Doing all the driving - even in the dark on unfamiliar roads.

Signing/interpreting while driving (even in the dark)

Driving while it is snowing (still managed it without chains thank god).

Taking the initiative and leading the way for the girls.

Using a T-bar (ouch!)

Riding with a hangover after a 3am finish.

Black runs.



Riding switch.

Increasing speed to scary levels (for me)to keep up with demon instructor.

Riding on my own (I like company) but you meet cool people on the lifts when you are on your own!!

Partying! I learnt how to party!

You boys would be proud - I drank BEER! And I liked it!!! cheers

I also tried Gluwein, Jeigermeister, Jeiger-bombs, assorted shots and mixed drinks for the first time!! (All in the one night might I add!!.


I had an absolute ball, and intend on making it an annual event. To top it all off we had fresh snow and plenty off it combined with breaks of blue sky. AWESOME! party

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Good for you Mamabear... don't get too carried away. (Well not too often anyway).


Whats 'Signing/interpreting while driving (even in the dark)' though?

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Hi Guys,


Klingon - I was at Thredbo, NSW - a real easy 2.5hr drive from Canberra (flew direct from Perth). I had a play on most of the mountain but most particularly around Antons (arrghh the T-bar!) and the The Bluff off the Kosi lift. Also lot of time in the tree's around Crackenback, the Snowgums lift runs over that area.


Thanks Tsondaboy!


And yes, HighlyTrainedExNovaTeacher Papabear was stoked. He got his turn for a boys trip the weekend before and was riding the whole mountain there (Hotham) - even the "Wall of Death!" LOL! So I am really happy that I was able to take my riding to the next level so we can still stick together next trip. I hate to be the one slowing everyone down. And as for letting my hair down - he is really happy about that too - coz he does it, and he reckons it is ABOUT TIME I did too!


Rach I will be good for a while now - promise! Gotta let the liver sort of grow back!


"Signing/Interpreting while driving"...ok...I am a Deaf Sign Language Interpreter by occupation, and one of the friends I went on the trip with is profoundly deaf and communicates in Sign Language. The other is a hearing friend who does not sign. So all weekend - inlcuding the drive - I had to sign what the hearing friend said and put voice to what the deaf friend said. Not really any big problem....I do it for a living - but I certainly got better at being able to sign and drive at the same time, and also sign while I was ...ummm...I think the word is "maggotted"!


Great weekend! One that will keep the smile on my face through the long dry days without snow until January!!


Editted to add - thanks Ez!


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Yes Thursday I can imagine! But that one or two signs is not gonna cut it for a conversation for a 2.5 hr drive now is it? And HEY! Thursday - did you see that I drank BEER? Huh? Huh? See ... this old duck is learning some NEW tricks! But then again maybe I was already so inebriated I would have drunk anything!


Tubby there is a sign for drunk, and variants to indicate HOW drunk - and the lip patterns (mouthing the word) used with that sign indicate the various colloquial expressions. Bizarrely enough I am very rarely stuck for signs to adequately express the subtleties of the English language, but can come unstuck the other way trying to find the exact representation of the subtle variances in sign in clear English. Sign is just SO much more expressive - even when you can hardly stand up!

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Do you mean what does 'totally sozzled' mean, or how do you sign it?


I would sign totally sozzled very differently to how I would sign maggotted, but it is a bit hard to give a demo!


As far as meaning goes - I would interpret it to be quite drunk - rather pickled - perhaps slurring of words and telling your best mate you love them, but stopping short of passing out or spending the night in close contact with the lovely cold loo.


Is that about what others would think?

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Originally Posted By: JellyBelly
Good on you Mamabear. Just don't let Papabear in on all the details. You might encourage him to do the same!

Oh JellyBelly Papa has been doing the same for a few seasons now - I am just making it even!!!

I think we might just be addicted to snow sports now.....
We spent most of January in Niseko
Sent to big kids to NZ for a week, at the same time took the 2 little kids to Falls Creek for a week.
Papa went for a long weekend to Hotham the week after we got back from Fall's.
I went to Thredbo the weekend after Papa's jaunt.
And if it weren't for me working the State General Election we would have knicked off for a Mama and Papa ONLY weekend somewhere in the last few weeks! He has been chaffing at the bit to get back on the board again.

I think we need to relocate to somewhere with snow!
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