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Wow that is big.   Who gets to eat it?

eet's mine juu mether fackers....!!!

OH NOOO!!!! We all need to get our Muslamic ray guns!   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIPD8qHhtVU

That was nice. I had the sound down, so I suppose that helped. evilgrin


In other news.


SOMEBODY actually bought one of those stupid Segway things, it emerged last night.


A ground-breaking test case has established that Philip Coates purchased one just over a year ago for £5000 of his own money.


District judge, Michael Rosenberg, told Coates: "There is a clear paper trail linking you to this contraption.


"And by the way - five grand? What the **** were you thinking?"


He added: "I see that you have Lembit Opik in court today to support you. Can I just ask - what made you think that was a good idea?


"Perhaps you hadn't noticed Mr Coates, but Mr Opik is the human equivalent of a Segway. And there he is, standing on a Segway.


"I just wish I could send both of you to prison. For ever."


Mr Opik, who constructed his own Segway after seeing one in a magazine, said he uses it to get girls.


He added: "They love it when I stand naked on my Segway lecturing them about the dangers of asteroids.


"I urge you to give it a try."


Coates was fined £75 for being a tit and banned from riding his Segway on roads and pavements because even a child can see that it is obviously dangerous and wrong.

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Just seen the Ricky interview Piers Morgan did (on CNN).

Quite funny actually I like Ricky more after seeing that.

He was unapologetic and basically said what a load of silly bollocks all the fuss was.

Worth a watch.

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Breaking news


A CRAZED fan once snorted hellraiser LIAM GALLAGHER's dandruff - thinking it was COCAINE.


The ex-OASIS singer told how the man - who was "off his t*ts" - pulled the flake of dry skin from his hair backstage at Glastonbury.

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And more Segway news


Segway owner: I'll fight in the High Court for my right to ride


The first man in Britain prosecuted for riding a Segway has pledged to fight a High Court test case to make the devices legal.


They are the novelty transport of rich and famous figures ranging from Dame Helen Mirren to President George W Bush.


But the future of the Segway now lies in the hands of an unemployed factory worker from South Yorkshire.


Philip Coates, 52, wants to make them legal on Britain's roads and pavements and has pledged to take a test case to the High Court.


He told the Sunday Telegraph he intends to appeal his prosecution – the first in the UK – for using the two-wheeled scooter.


Last week's ruling means Britain's 2,000 Segways can only be used on private land.


Fans argue the gyroscopic devices should be treated the same as bicycles and are a more efficient alternative to electric cars in towns and cities.


Mr Coates now hopes to succeed where Britain's best-known Segway user, MP-turned-comedian Lembit Öpik, has failed, in getting the devices legalised.


"The government could approve them tomorrow if it wanted to," said Mr Coates. "I want to appeal and take my case to the High Court because I don't see why I should be fined when there's an MP going up and down outside the Houses of Parliament on one."



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Domenico Masciopinto is being treated for serious injuries in hospital after being was shot in Bedford last weekend.


The attack came after a photograph of him was taken from a police computer and uploaded to the social networking site, prompting an urgent internal inquiry.


The Facebook page claimed Mr Masciopinto had been a police informant since 2009.


Other images of Mr Masciopinto are understood to have been distributed by mobile phones.


An investigation into the shooting was launched by the Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Major Crime Unit and the area was cordoned off for forensic examination.

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Splitting or no more perhaps?

It is as you say very concerning.

Unless of course we end up with two wiggly bottom groups, though I would think the effect of having 5 wiggly bottoms at the same time is better than 2 or 3.

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A 20-stone man is desperately trying to gain weight after doctors told him he was too light for weight-loss surgery.


Diabetic Darin McCloud, 45, was denied a gastric bypass by his local NHS Trust in Portsmouth who will only consider him if he is 21 stone.


Now he says he is determined to reach this weight to give him the chance to have the drastic and potentially risky surgery.


NHS Portsmouth only considers people for the operation if they have a body mass index - a measure based on height and weight - of 45 and a health problem such as diabetes.


But Mr McCloud, from Portsmouth, Hampshire, was turned down for the surgery because at the time of applying he had a BMI of 40.


He is now eating three-quarters of a loaf of bread, four packets of crisps and bacon rolls every day to get bigger.

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The Daily Mail has a cracking headline today:


Why ARE women's breasts getting bigger?


Britain’s amplest bosoms heaved a ­collective sigh of relief last week when ­Bravissimo, a lingerie label for larger sized breasts, announced the arrival of the L-cup to its range.

The company says customers ­squeezing themselves into a KK-cup — a size launched two years ago to meet increasing demand — have been campaigning for larger bras ever since.


And although an L-cup remains far larger than the national average, there can be no doubt that when a High Street chain sees reason to ­supply it, demand is growing — and so, it would seem, are our breasts.


For women such as 21-year-old Terri Smith, from Stourbridge, West ­Midlands, who wears an uncomfortable KK-cup, the L-cup could provide welcome relief from the daily agony that comes from ­forcing herself into ill-fitting underwear.

‘Every woman knows how ­uncomfortable the wrong size bra can be,’ she says. ‘The wires dig in, the straps leave angry red marks on your ribs and your shoulders, and your breasts spill over the top. None of your clothes fit properly. But when your breasts are this big and heavy, it’s unbearable.’

L-cup breasts weigh approximately a stone. Since Terri was a ­teenager, she has sought out specialist lingerie and suffered almost constant physical discomfort as a result of carrying such a heavy load.


As a size 10/12 everywhere else, she believes her true bra size is a 30L, but until now has struggled to find them.

According to Bravissimo, there are many more women of Terri’s ­extraordinary dimensions out there. But it says this unprecedented demand for the L-cup can be explained, in part, by the fact that for years women have worn bras that were too big in the back and too small in the cup.



As more of us grasp the idea that a larger cup size and a less ­generous back-measurement could give us greater comfort and better shape beneath our clothes, we are buying ­bigger sizes than ever before.


But, according to Bravissimo’s ­estimates, at least 60 per cent of women wearing a C-cup should be wearing a D-cup — or larger. And it says the average British bra size is closer to a 34E than the 36C we are led to believe.


But we don’t owe our e­xpanding bustlines to modern fitting techniques alone.


Back in the Fifties, the ­average woman wore a B-cup — a full size smaller than today’s larger size. It’s clear that our dimensions have shifted, but why?


Fat is the first answer most experts will give. Professor Michael Baum, an expert in breast cancer, says: ‘Fat is laid down on breasts as much as thighs or bottoms. We are experiencing an obesity ­epidemic, so the increase in women’s measurements isn’t that surprising.’


But this is only part of the story. After all, women such as Terri do not appear to be ­carrying much excess fat ­elsewhere on their bodies. As Terri says: ‘The rest of my body is quite slim. Yet throughout my teens my boobs went up a couple of cup sizes every year.’


Anna Prince, from Bravissimo, agrees: ‘There is a total misconception that it’s ­unusual to be big-boobed and small-bodied. We’ve been ­contacted by more than two million women since we started in 1995, the vast majority of whom are small in the body and big in the bust.’


So, what’s going on? Why are the nation’s breasts getting bigger?


Dr Marilyn Glenville, a nutritionist ­specialising in women’s health and hormones, says: ‘It’s clear that we’re not just talking about fat, but increased levels of breast ­tissue, too.


‘So we have to look at what stimulates breast tissue growth — and that’s oestrogen, the female sex hormone. ­Oestrogen is what changes our body shape during puberty.’


The link between increased oestrogen levels and bigger breasts is so clear that there are even ‘breast-enhancing’ ­supplements on the market — such as Perfect C Breast Enhancer capsules — containing ingredients such as fennel seed and fenugreek, which are said to have oestrogenic properties.

Dr Glenville says: ‘It makes sense to look at the ways in which our exposure to all types of oestrogen — the hormone our own bodies produce and oestrogenic chemicals we come into contact with — has changed over the years.’


‘Girls today reach puberty earlier than ever before, and are going on to have fewer ­children and breastfeeding for less time. As a result, we have far more periods than our ancestors would have had and we are exposed to more monthly surges of oestrogen, which stimulates ovulation.’

In addition, today’s young women were born to the first ­generation of women on the contraceptive Pill. Early versions of the Pill contained far higher dosages of synthetic ­oestrogen than they do today, and little is known about the long-term impact of this increased hormone exposure on future generations.


So, could the ­changing shape of our breasts indicate an increased sensitivity to oestrogen?


Dr Glenville says: ‘Pregnancy and breastfeeding have a ­protective effect against breast cancer because they control the hormones which stimulate the growth of new cells in breasts.


‘But with more women today putting off pregnancy until later in life and having fewer children, they experience many more monthly cycles than previous generations did, and are exposed to more oestrogen.


I’m certain that if you looked at photographs of Victorian women, who on average had five or six children, you’d find them comparatively flat-chested.’


But, of course, that is far from the only difference between women’s lives then and now.


HRT also tops up depleting oestrogen levels in menopausal women, who — like women on the Pill — often go up a cup-size or two when they begin a course of treatment.


But it’s not just women on the Pill or HRT whose ­oestrogen levels, and cup-size, might have increased as a result.

In 2002, research published by the Environment Agency showed that an ‘exquisitely potent’ form of oestrogen — which is believed to have entered the rivers through the urine of Pill and HRT-users — was responsible for changing the sex of half of all the male fish in British lowland rivers, and could be contaminating the water supply.


Now, it has been suggested that the influence of these xenoestrogens (literally ‘foreign ­oestrogens’) could be responsible for the rapid decline in male sperm count and fertility.


‘We can’t assume these ­pollutants have no effect on us,’ says Dr Glenville. ‘There are many questions still to be answered, but if xenoestrogens are potentially responsible for declining male fertility, they are potentially affecting women, too — and the proof could be in our bras.’

So how do we avoid these surplus hormones? The answer is, we can’t. And it may come as a surprise to know that they are found in everyday items.


Reprinted with kind permission from that poisonour rag.




Mrs Pie, who is Japanese and has a rather petite frame is always quite startled going into Next or some other store in the UK and seeing some of the sizes of bra. It told here the official sizes "Small, Medium, Large, X Large, XX Large, XXXXXX Large, Cow"

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Sit yourselves down now....


Orange crush: Pregnant Victoria Beckham 'can't get enough' of marmalade on toast


But, that's not all.

There's more....


She washes it down with cups of English tea
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