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Wow that is big.   Who gets to eat it?

eet's mine juu mether fackers....!!!

OH NOOO!!!! We all need to get our Muslamic ray guns!   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIPD8qHhtVU

Dog Story - hmmm...I thought dogs found chocolate toxic. Perhaps some embellishment on the diet ot the dog. Big dog though - blimey. I am going some to cover the ribs on mine at home.



Fat Story - JEBUZ! I'd give them my fat stores for nix if they'd only suck it out of the right places under hygenic conditions - why oh why would there be a market for this - surely there is more lipo going on in this world than fat injections into wrinkles and lips.... confused

Although I believe there is a new market for fat injections into the boobs to get a more 'natural' breast augmentation - NOW THEN we might see a situation where demand outstrips supply. Time to set up a fat farm and go the harvest!

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Berlusconi is sexual record-breaker, says prostitute


The Italian prostitute at the centre of a sex scandal involving Silvio Berlusconi has explicitly claimed for the first time that she had sex with the Italian prime minister.


Since first alleging she spent a night last November at Berlusconi's Rome residence, Patrizia D'Addario has limited herself to saying she shared a bed with the 73-year-old prime minister. But in Gradisca, Presidente ‑ Take Your Pleasure, Prime Minister ‑ D'Addario writes: "He told me he wanted contact with my skin, he held me tight, he took my breath away. I took him inside me, he suffocated me with kisses."


"This is the first time she has really made it clear that they had sex," said Maddalena Tulanti, an Italian journalist who co-wrote the book with D'Addario.


Berlusconi has denied paying for sex or knowing that Giampaolo Tarantini, the businessman who says he introduced Berlusconi to D'Addario, had offered her and other women money to spend the night at Berlusconi's residence. Tarantino is being investigated for aiding and abetting prostitution. Berlusconi is not under investigation.


D'Addario writes: "We kissed an infinite number of times, with him above all kissing my intimate parts," a performance for which "he could get into the Guinness Book of Records". When D'Addario admitted she was struggling to enjoy the moment, Berlusconi "took it like a challenge", keeping her up until 8am, when he left to speak to journalists.

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Originally Posted By: Mamabear
Well....according to the movie Pretty Woman it is.
And of course it MUST BE TRUE!

A classic move. Julia Roberts dated my friends dad omg He told us a vivid description.
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I think so.


Two big Japan stories on the ABC webpage tonight.


1) The Aussie Redback Spider invading Japan - concerns are growing after a 6 yr old boy from Osaka was bitten and given anti-venom, which is not actually commonly available - he just got lucky. The big concern is that Redbacks don't like the cold and during the coming months they may well try and hide out in the warmest spots around the house - HELLO toilet seat!


2) 4 American boys, children of servicemen are being sought for criminal charges after stringing rope across a road and causing a female motor bike rider to suffer severe injuries. Do you think the Yanks will hand the kiddies over to be tried for attempted murder by a Japanese Court? I reckon not!

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Originally Posted By: thursday
it's a good idea to get those yanks out of Japan so they can have a go at Iraq and Afghanistan.

Hell, I'd love them to go kick ass, or opposite.

Come on now, it's pretty blatant that the majority of the American population is against the war in Iraq. Some of us *cough cough* have been against the war in Iraq since the beginning and were somewhat educated about prior history in Afghanistan to know that the Bush era went about it all wrong in every way possible.

Other than that, punish the little bastards that strung that wire across the road. This type of action needs to transcend national boundaries and be dealt with according to proper authority. I am sick of troops getting special recognition and privileges. Yes they are doing a national duty by volunteering themselves (and their minds) to protect the greater good of the nation (not really happening now), but so do fireman, police, etc. Nobody wanted to "support the troops" in Somalia or the former Yugoslav. My grandfather never got any recognition for being thrown onto the beaches of Normandy, he didn't get a free education or anything from the government. Granted, the people that have lost limbs do deserve some sort of compensation since the actions taken by the nation has rendered their ability to productively enter society as they once had. That could mean helping to train a new skill, quick, easy, efficient.

Longer than I wanted it to be /rant rolleyes
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Originally Posted By: thursday
vivid description of Julia Roberts' what exactly? And please post every little detail.

From what I remember, they did it in New York in some hotel. She wasn't famous at the time but she was younger evilgrin and he said she was just as gorgeous in person as on tv. I believe he used a big B to determine anything left to the imagination.
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Originally Posted By: MitchPee
Come on now, it's pretty blatant that the majority of the American population is against the war in Iraq.

Is it?

[not trying to be argumentative or confrontational]
The propaganda that seems to come OUT of America hasn't shown a majority opposition. I would say that in most other parts of the world the average person would get the impression there was a lot of support, with just a smattering of dissent.

On the topic of the four children and the rope stringing incident...

We have that kind of problem here from time to time - usually about this time of year, school coming to a close for 3 months and kids out and about in the summers heat with no supervision and lots of stupid idea's.

When the kids are caught they are prosecuted under Juvenile Justice....the rules are different...the punishments take into account that children are often incapable of making reasonable adult judgments, and should be given opportunities to learn from their mistakes. The punishment would be different for a 17 year old with a lengthy criminal record than it would be for an 8 yr old who had never before been in trouble and did a really stupid impulsive thing without consideration for the consequences.

And I was in a foreign country where the rules are perhaps not so understanding of the stupidity of children - I would probably employ all the options available to me to get my kid out and home safely. And then I would take it out of their hide myself.

I am also one who gets annoyed with the US forces hiding behind their own rules, living in a long time port I have witnessed rapes, one punch attacks and all sorts of other drunk and disorderly type behaviors go virtually unpunished over the years - with the promise of a Navy Court Martial or other such intervention.

These are adults though...

However if I was the family of the girl hurt in the rope incident I would be very very angry if the monster offspring of the horrible gaijin untouchables got away without facing the punishment of the land.

Rock and a hard place really...
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