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A French TV presenter has accused the Duchess of Cambridge’s sister of enhancing her posterior with some well-placed padding under her Alexander McQueen dress, creating “an optical illusion” and fooling us all during the Royal Wedding.


Pippa Middleton was little known to the masses until her rear caught the attention of a global audience throughout the service, where she acted as bridesmaid to her sister and ‘earned’ the nickname HRH (her Royal hotness).


Shortly after the 2011 wedding, her derriere was awarded its own Facebook group (the Pippa Middleton Ass Appreciation Society, an official website and even a Twitter account, proving so popular it almost threatened to overshadow the Duke and Duchess’ marital union.


But author Stephane Bern, described as a ‘Royal expert’ by some media outlets, has suggested the 30-year-old may have misled the public by sporting a fake bottom on the day.


His claim came as Ms Middleton took a research trip to the vineyards of Bordeaux earlier this week.


Speaking on his TV chat show, the journalist and radio host declared: “She had a false bottom. I repeat – she had a false bottom.


“You take her away from that and she has normal buttocks.”


Mr Bern went so far as to suggest her behind was an optical illusion, insisting that “there was a million people watching” and “it was the moment to show it.”


The speculation will probably not upset Ms Middleton, who in February explained to the Women in Advertising and Communications conference how the bridesmaid gown changed her life. She described feeling relieved the dress fit her on the day, but later felt that “in retrospect, it [fitted] a little too well."


"As I have found out, recognition has its upside, its downside and - you may say - its backside," the columnist added.

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Wow that is big.   Who gets to eat it?

eet's mine juu mether fackers....!!!

OH NOOO!!!! We all need to get our Muslamic ray guns!   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIPD8qHhtVU

Dorset knob throwing contest attracts thousands


More than 5,000 people have attended a "knob throwing" competition in Dorset.


The Dorset Knob Throwing and Food Festival event in Cattistock involves participants tossing the locally made, spherical biscuit as far as they can.


The longest throw was by Dave Morrison, who tossed his knob 21.8m (71ft).


Organiser Nigel Collins thought up the idea after seeing a Yorkshire pudding throwing contest at a Yorkshire food festival.


Congrats to Dave Morrison for tossing his knob a full 21.8m!



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A man undergoing a minor operation was given a vasectomy by mistake.


Doctors have tried to reverse the blunder, but the victim faces an anxious wait to see if he will be able to have children.


The man had gone in to surgery for a minor urological procedure, but doctors carried out an operation on the “wrong site”. They could now face a six figure compensation claim.


The Royal Liverpool Hospital has "apologised unreservedly" to the patient and said the surgeon has been suspended from carrying out operations during an internal investigation.


The man has not been identified and the NHS trust has refused to disclose his age because of patient confidentiality.


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I remember a story from some country a while back, where a cancerous eyeball was to be removed, but the good one was taken out instead, leaving the patient completely blind in the end.


Then there was the baby's fingers cut off accidentally by a nurse here a few years back...


Would not want to be on the receiving end of any of these stories.

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China is considering plans to build a high-speed railway line to the US, the country's official media reported on Thursday.


The proposed line would begin in north-east China and run up through Siberia, pass through a tunnel underneath the Pacific Ocean then cut through Alaska and Canada to reach the continental US, according to a report in the state-run Beijing Times newspaper.


Can't be accused of not thinking big!

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Hotels and restaurants are being targeted by “blackmailers” who demand free meals and stays in exchange for not writing bad reviews on the TripAdvisor website, hospitality chiefs have warned.


Guests are warning staff that they will post bad comments on the review website if they are not given better service, meals or upgrades.


Restaurant, hotel and B&B owners in Britain have reported a huge rise in the number of customers using the site as a threat. They say the guests often make a complaint and say they will post a bad review unless given a free bottle of wine, dessert or a bill reduction.


Other “gastronomic blackmailers” even claim that they work for TripAdvisor and will post a series of negative comments unless they get free upgrades.


Martin Couchman, the deputy chief executive of the British Hospitality Association, said that he was in talks with TripAdvisor to improve the service.


That must be extremely annoying!

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Sponge puddings are enjoying a revival as one of the nation’s favourite desserts after decades of declining sales.


Food experts say the surge in popularity is thanks to new varieties with modern flavours such as Swiss chocolate and salt caramel.


Demand for sponge puddings, which have been around since the 18th Century, has soared by 60 per cent at Tesco which now sells nearly 10 million a year.


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