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Wow that is big.   Who gets to eat it?

eet's mine juu mether fackers....!!!

OH NOOO!!!! We all need to get our Muslamic ray guns!   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIPD8qHhtVU

Living with baboons


It’s been a huge week in politics; a week that saw some absolute cock ups from the government. To briefly recap, we’ve had Tony Abbott’s decision to provide Sri Lanka with two patrol boats to help round up people fleeing the island nation, we’ve seen Tony Abbott upset the Indonesian president over his response to the 2009 spying scandal, we’ve seen tens of thousands of people take to the streets calling for action on climate change, and anybody who saw this week’s Media Watch would have been appalled at the government’s fanaticism at keep the public in the dark over asylum boat arrivals.


Indeed, it’s been a bad week for Team Tony.


You’d think that these big stories would be receiving daily coverage in the media, with dashes of scrutiny. But not so in the Murdoch media. These are all bad for Team Tony so any reference to them is silenced as quickly as the government’s news on asylum seeker arrivals.


As an aside, the Fairfax media is leading the charge but you”d be amused to learn that Andrew Bolt simply dismisses this as their jihad against the government. Yes, you may laugh.


The Murdoch media is of course free to write about whatever it wants. If they don’t want to write about the government, even when we are facing our greatest ever diplomatic crisis, then so be it. They did, of course, feel quite content on pushing all sorts of rubbish down our throats about the previous government, but apparently the current government isn’t newsworthy. It appears that politics is no longer of interest to them.


So what is?


Brace yourself, these are the big stories the Murdoch media think are the important page one issues of the day:


Canadian school rejects mum’s homemade lunch, gives crackers instead.


What kind of bored are you? Researchers discover a fifth type of tedium.


Snake Catchers Brisbane film marathon fight between two carpet pythons.


Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge recycles a favourite Orla Kiely frock at London charity event


I’m not suggesting that these stories are not of interest – to somebody – but we do expect some balance in political reporting. We also expect honesty. We are receiving neither. And something on the diplomatic crisis would be nice.


But I’ve saved the best for last:


What Australian biologist Mat Pines learned while living with baboons.


All I can suggest is that he’s preparing himself for life under an Abbott Government.

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A CHINESE male model has been outed for photoshopping his head onto the bodies of hunky westerners in a startlingly vain search for a wife.


In a recent post to Wiebo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, Liang Chao made a call-out for potential brides under the age of 30, promising a hefty monthly spending allowance of 10,000 yuan (about $1,750), according to China View.

In a possible attempt to appear more worldly, Chao also included dozens of photos of himself dressed in stylish clothes in a number of countries.

While he is said to have received "many messages" from interested women, netizens soon discovered the photos were fake.

Chao apparently swiped photos from fashion magazines, digitally imposing his head over those of handsome western models. In one, Chao even fakes six-pack abs.





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Massive cocaine haul washes ashore in Japan


An elderly Japanese man has stumbled on a haul of cocaine with an estimated street value of more than $50 million that washed ashore on a beach south of Tokyo.


The resident found 80 kilograms of the drug inside backpacks that were tied together and reported it to police, Jiji Press and other media said.


The bags were outfitted with a buoy and illuminated markers and authorities suspect that they were lost by seafaring traffickers, the reports said.


Police reportedly said the drugs had an estimated street value of 4.8 billion yen ($48 million).


Local authorities declined to comment on the reports when contacted by AFP.


OK, own up. Whose is it?

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