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I am just thinking about the amount of ongoing medical issues people needed help with...

Our war vet's affected by Agent Orange had medical care and assistance. Maybe I am just horrified by the catastrophy of nuclear fallout on human bodies...perhaps that very overwhelming human compassion for suffering is swaying my feelings - but whatever - 64 yrs on is too little too late wouldnt you say?

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Wow that is big.   Who gets to eat it?

eet's mine juu mether fackers....!!!

OH NOOO!!!! We all need to get our Muslamic ray guns!   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIPD8qHhtVU

That lot is way too serious.


How about this:


THE model who is expecting JUDE LAW'S baby has posted pics of her pregnancy bump online.


SAMANTHA BURKE stripped down to her underwear to show off her swelling belly as part of a photo diary she's keeping to monitor her changing body.


The 24-year-old American had a brief fling with the Alfie star over Christmas, after reportedly meeting him on a New York street.

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Street beggars are making £200-a-night - the equivalent of a £73,000-a-year salary tax free, according to police in Leicestershire

Officers have discovered a growing number of 'professional' beggars using the money to supplement income from their normal day jobs.

Last month Leicestershire police arrested 20 beggars on the streets of Leicester - none of whom were homeless.

One woman even admitted she begged at night after her office job so she could pay for a new kitchen in her flat.

Sergeant Adrian Underwood, of Leicestershire police, said some beggars are making £200-a-night tax free - which adds up to £73,000 for 365 days of the year.

He said: "On a good Friday or Saturday night some can make up to £200.

"We have intelligence that there is a woman who is begging because she wants a new kitchen for her flat.

"A lot of well-intentioned people see someone begging and think they are deserving causes.

"Would they give them money if they knew that person had just come out of a flat, was receiving benefits and had food in the larder?"

Toni Soni, head of hostel services at Leicester City Council, said previous operations by the authority and police had found no beggars to be homeless.

He said: "There are people who are actually professional beggars who are doing it to make a living."

more than lucky beggars.
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going back to the beggars, I have experienced this several times in London.


There is a guy who pretends his bike was stolen, he is in full cycling garb and has a sawn off D-Lock to prove it, and he begs for train fare back to Brixton (other side of the city). I have seen him do it at least 10 times, so I think he actually has the audacity to work that spot at least once a week.


It makes me sick to my stomach because it is such incredible laziness and wanton abuse of the very little remaining positive/trusting feeling people in london have towards each other. One day someone in a genuine crisis is going to ask me for help and I am going to ignore that person because my trust has long since been eroded by these scumbags.

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Like the pic.


Also on the beggars.

I was impressed in Paris when we caught the train out to Disney that about 6 stops out a fellow jumped on the train and set hismelf up with his guitar and collection hat right at the door. He thoroughly entertained the train carriage for 5 stops - getting off just before Disney. He sang in French and English and did a great job, as well as very clever banter in between.


He sent the hat around one stop before he got off and collected quite a lot of money. He probably wasnt paying for his train ticket [the darting eyes at each stop were the giveaway], but he was literally 'singing for his supper'. We were happy to chuck some Euro's in as we felt thier was an exchange there.


Why cant beggars be more like that. We would all benefit!

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In Korea, when you ride the subway, a blind couple walks throught the train with a sad old song playing from their little music player. People drop coins into their tin cup.


It's a veteran thing or something. I've seen quite a few of these couples and always on the trains.

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George's Crash Top 10:


Crash top 10


1: Careless Driver


2: Wake Me Up Before You Go Slow


3: I'm Your Van


4: Fast Christmas


5: Wham Scrap


6: I Want Your Sex & Your Insurance Details


7: Toot The Dog


8: Too Fast Love


9: Club Tropicarnage


10: Too Clunky

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