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Wow that is big.   Who gets to eat it?

eet's mine juu mether fackers....!!!

OH NOOO!!!! We all need to get our Muslamic ray guns!   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIPD8qHhtVU

Bringing you the important news. As it happens.


A pregnant woman who has already had 13 children taken into care last night vowed to keep on giving birth until she is allowed to keep one.

Theresa Winters has spent almost half of her life having babies, but has not been allowed to keep any of them beyond the age of two.

Even her own sister believes that she should be sterilised.

But Miss Winters, 36, a heavy smoker who was herself taken into care as a teenager, insisted it was time for a 'second chance'.

She accused social workers of failing to help her achieve her deepest wish of having a family with her second partner, Tony Housden.

She admitted that social services had probably made the right decision in removing her first 13 children because of neglect, but said she had 'calmed down' now.

Miss Winters, who is 25 weeks into her 14th pregnancy, said: 'We feel like social services are treating us like murderers when we haven't done anything.

'All we want to do is to be a family and to look after our children. It's very upsetting. We want help from social services but they won't help us.'

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...what the...


How's about looking after the 13 she has already had!!

Seems to me this lass thinks a child is like a disposable toy - whoops, broke that one...chuck it away and get a new one.




So what has happened to the other 13. Removed from her care by SS. But are they in FOSTER care (being paid for by the taxpayer) or are they relinquished and been adopted into loving homes. Plenty of mature, responsible families out there desperate for a child but unable to have one themselves that would take them, but my guess is they are being buffetted around the foster care system at the expense of the 'state'.


NO sweetheart. There is no Santa Claus and there is no opportunity for you to be allowed to screw up yet another child without taking responsibility for the 13 you have already screwed up!



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Here's a shocker from today


Mum attacked by killer chipmunk


YOUNG mum told yesterday how she is too frightened to go in her garden - after she was attacked by a "killer" Siberian chipmunk.

Roxanne Whelan spotted two of the snappy critters when she popped out of her house for a ciggie.


One ran towards her and hopped on a sofa she keeps in the garden, a couple of feet away from her.


Roxanne, 20, said: "It was staring right at me and wasn't frightened of me at all. The next thing I knew it was jumping straight towards me and went on the attack.


I thought it was going to bite me. I screamed my head off and ran for the kitchen door, then banged it shut and sat quaking inside."


The mum, who has a five-month-old son, Kye, added: "Now I'm too scared to go in the garden and worried about the baby.


"I can't even smoke because I don't want to go out there."


She can't even smoke, poor lass.

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Tourist 'dealt drugs to police' in Darwin mall

Originally Posted By: ABCnewsonline
Darwin Watch Commander Gary Smith says the man approached two off-duty interstate police officers in the city.


"A federal police officer who coincidently used to be a member of NT police and a Victorian police officer [were] up here enjoying the Darwin nightlife when they were approached and offered drugs in the mall," he said.


The officers contacted their local counterparts and the man was allegedly found at a supermarket on Smith Street with 50 ecstasy tablets shortly before 4:00am ACST.


Police say they have also seized about 200 additional ecstasy tablets from where the man was staying.


They say they are still evaluating the street value and expect to charge the man later today.


Police say the man was visiting the Territory from the United Kingdom.

confused Earning his way around the country perhaps?

Maybe he heard our prisons are pretty cruisey places to spend a few months... a lot better than a Thai Jail I hear.

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We are on the eve of another S.M.I.T (Significant Moment In Time (S.M.I.T.) event - when the figures in the time & date at a certain instant in time form a significant and/or interesting pattern)....


On Friday 7th August 2009, at 5 minutes & 6 seconds after 4:00am, the time & date (in the common Euro / Oceania format) will be: 04:05:06 07/08/09


This exact S.M.I.T. abbreviation will not happen again for another 1000 years.

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this is just so incredibly stupid. These are law graduates. Looks like they've just flushed their careers down the toilet for nothing.



Two English women accused of insurance fraud are to plead guilty and hope for a quick return to the UK, their lawyer said on Wednesday.



Shanti Simone Andrews, left, and Rebecca Claire Turner, sign their statements at a police station in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Shanti Andrews and Rebecca Turner, both 23, are scheduled to go trial on Aug. 17 in Rio de Janeiro.


The two law graduates submitted a written defence to the judge on Wednesday. They did not lodge a plea.


However, their lawyer said they would plead guilty "because we feel that is the best thing to do under the circumstances".


Dr Renato Tonini said the girls hoped that if they did not insist on a trial, the judge would be more lenient. If found guilty they could face up to five years in jail.


The girls were arrested 10 days ago after they went to a police station and told officers thieves stole close to £1,000 worth of possessions, including a camera and laptop computer, while they were on a bus from Foz do Iguaçú to Rio de Janeiro.


The officers were surprised the girls had waited several days before reporting the incident and were suspicious of their calm comportment. They escorted them back to their hostel, where they found the items alleged to have been stolen under their bed.


The women spent five nights in a jail cell before being transferred to Rio's biggest prison complex, where they spent one more night before a judge released them.


They later described their ordeal as a "living nightmare". The girls' families said the matter was a "misunderstanding" and called for them to be treated leniently

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Hiroshima bomb victims to get compo

News Story Here



Speaking at today's memorial service in Hiroshima, Prime Minister Taro Aso said he had decided to stop fighting the case because the plaintiffs were getting old.

The 300 people in their 70s and 80s had taken the government to court in a bid to have their claims as survivors of the attacks recognised.

It is believed the government will now set up a compensation fund.

Survivors of the atomic attacks are entitled to free medical treatment and a $1,700 monthly health allowance.


Forgive my cynicism - but there are only 300 left, and they are OLD. In ten years time how many will there be left?

Should not the assistance for these people have come 60 odd years ago? Assistance for those who were left orphaned, homeless and sick/unable to work?


Edited to add:

I am no necessarily suggesting the Japanese Government should have stepped up to the plate 60 years ago either - I am much more of the opinion that this is something the UN should have been involved in. Unprecedented as it was.

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I don't agree the UN should have got involved. The Japanese government led their people into war and, as we Aussies well know, their invasion and occupation of Asia was extremely brutal. There's no doubt in my mind that the nuclear weapons saved countless lives in that Japan surrendered rather than continuing to fight on in their own country. The Japanese government in my opinion should definitely be the ones held to account for any suffering of their own people caused by their aggression prior, during and after WWII.

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You might be right in ethics there GN, but I wonder with sanctions etc if the Japanese government would have been capable of looking after the hoardes of sick and dying people from such an unprecendented happening as nuclear fallout/radiation.


Interestingly there has not been another - 60+ years on. Clearly no one wants to go there again.

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I agree that the nuke ended the war and in that respect it was kind of a 'mercy killing' compared to being slowly firebombed. Don't forget the Japanese had a chance to surrender after the first nuke but didnt.


But I think to give compensation for the nuke victims but not other war victims makes no sense. The type of weapon should make no difference.

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