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US - 23,233

Brazil - 15,856

Italy - 15,610

Mexico - 12,229

UK - 11,965

Australia - 9,214

The Netherlands - 6,378

Spain - 5,419

France - 2,597

Germany - 2,331


Surfing the web unprotected will leave the average web user with 70 spam messages each day, according to an experiment by security firm McAfee.


It invited 50 people from around the world, including five from the UK, to surf without spam filters.


The experiment revealed that UK residents are most likely to be targeted by the infamous Nigerian e-mails and "adult" spam.


One UK participant received 5,414 spam e-mails during the month-long trial.


But the US still tops the global spam league.


Participants in the US received a total of 23,233 spam e-mails during the course of the experiment compared to 15,856 for the second most spammed country - Brazil.


In the UK, the five participants racked up 11,965 spam messages during the course of the experiment. Germany attracted the least spam, with just 2,331 junk messages.



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