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Who lives in the remotest / smallest place?

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Originally Posted By: Thunderpants
Tsonda is Back online!Hi thete.
Thank you too for a very nice time. i will name a drink after you smile
your food is going on the menu as soon as i can get myself together to print a new menu.
Yesterday we had to turn guests down at the door. we had the place filled up.
Life is good here. KEEP SURFING Tsonda

Was that because word came around that tsondaboy is in town? razz

I think thats the pimpiest pic of me I have:
If you are going to name a drink after me, then I would like you to change the Very Long Island Ice Tea I am seen drinking in the above pic to Tsondaboy Ice Tea.
And thats because not only I was the first guy to finish it, but also because I was able to finish it and still be sober enough to win you in backgammon. wink

TR coming soon, once I upload some more pics.
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This is my house. looking down off a hill as you see we do have a neighbour


This is what our cottage used to look like


I did some alterations


This is what it looks like now


This it what it looked like in the 1920,s It is the second one in


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The nearest shops and 2 pubs are about 3 miles away by road,It is just a small village. I could get a 20min ferry ride to a small town.more shops and about 5 or 8 pubs.The ferry stops about 7.30 so no good for a night out.Glasgow is about 75 miles away by road.

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Shit man, thats way out in the sticks eh?

I know some people who live down in Campbelltown, they are closer to Belfast than they are to Glasgow (the nearest Scottish city)


My brother lived in Loch Goilhead for a bit about 12 years ago. A beautiful corner of the world

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I guess the closest would be Nevis Range or Glencoe. Not a kick in the arse away as the crow flies but all them roads out there are the small country kind, more twisted than a bowl of ramen, probably take a little while to get anywhere

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Very little snow where I live Just wet and windy.Campbeltown is about 35 miles down the Mull of Kintyer from me after a 20 minute ferry ride

Glencoe is about 2 hours away. But I have given up trying to ski in Scotland.

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Originally Posted By: BagOfCrisps
Good haggis up there Weegeoff?

you bet your life on it Bags, the wet climate makes it prime breeding grounds for the Haggis. West Coast Haggis is some of the biggest and juiciest Haggi around! Just have to catch the slippery buggers first!! wink
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