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That prints to the screen (forever and a day) the word "BOLLOCKS". If that was what you wanted, you got it right.


:teach mode on:

As a programming teacher, I offer the following comments ...


better to start at line no 100 (allows for inserting earlier instructions, such as those required to be run once at the start for such things as setting up the memory alocation etc)


ALWAYS have an "end" statement, in case there's an overrun.


give the punter an out. Use a "repeat ... until" loop. like ...

100 repeat

110 print "Bollocks"

120 readln(x)

130 until x=0

140 end


:teach mode off:

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I wouldn't mind seeing it again - I can't even remember the details myself! I'd have to dig out the old ZX Spectrum and cassettes out when I was back in England. Just remembered though the Spectrum used 'Sinclair Basic' didn't it? Perhaps different from normal basic, whatever that is.


I preferred Algol 68 myself. lol

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ZX spectrum was great. Many of my best gaming memories are form that platform:


Jet Set Willy

Daley Thompsons Decathlon

The Hobbit


Way of the exploding fist (this was awesome, like an early Street Fighter)

Football Manager

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There are many Universe installations out there. Universe is an emulator that allows PICK Basic to be run on a Unix platform rather than on the original Data General machines.


There are a few of the original Data General machines still in use too.


PICK Basic has significant enhancements over "standard" Basic. So much so that while most programmers hate standard Basic, peeps programming Pick Basic enjoy it.

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Originally Posted By: iiyamadude
What on earth are you guys talking about?


Technology, and programming environments. grandpa
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Thread has wandered a bit, but it's all good! Remeniscing about the "good old days" reminds me of a statement made by a neighbour of mine years ago ...


It went "The best thing about the good old days is that they are the OLD days!"


Not much I want back from then (except, perhaps, fuel enough to fill the car's tank for about AUD15).

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