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The strangest thing you have eaten

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al...no more posting while drunk!! ;\)


It wasn't strange tasting, but it was strange to buy it where I got it. A cucumber on a stick.... at the Yokohama F Marinos game yesterday!!!


A healthy snack BUT.....its a cucumber on a stick FFS!!

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 Originally Posted By: 2pints,mate
Face as it FACE?!

Face. Usually the whole head forward of the gill plates, cooked. Sometimes (if you're lucky) it's cut up. There's actually a lot of good, fatty meat in the fish head. The adventureous can eat the brain and eyeballs - not me!
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Had salmon steaks for dinner last night!

Fettucine Marinara the night before...

and loads of yummy fish in sushi/sashimi at a Karaoke Party friends held the night before (ohh washed down with copious amounts of champagne).


I think I am right dead smack in the middle of a fish binge!


But I am not sure that fish heads appeal...

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some tiny flies while jogging in the dark, I ate the tequila worm a maggot actually. Actually we were fighting for it, among friends as to who would have it, we cut the worm. then chased it with more tequila and salt. crazy times takes me back.

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 Originally Posted By: charlotte
For me, raw fish is pretty disgusting.

You are living in Japan with THE most divine Sashimi...

You are not alone on the raw fish thing - when we first visited Japan with 2 other families we ate together out at one night - everyone except hubby and I ordered steak and left the majority of accompaniments with the meal - hubby and I were the only ones who ordered and revelled in the Sashimi. We tried EVERYTHING, and loved most of it...our friends were horrified and thought we were nuts.
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I don't know if you would call them weird, but some of the more unusual thing I've eaten are.

Goanna (roasted on a fire)




Witchetty grub

Guinea pig

Frogs legs

Snails (garden variety)

Turbin snail (ocean variety)

Sea urchin


and Mc Donalds filet 'o' fish

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