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The virulent nationalism being displayed by the Chinese is a bit scary though. Cartoons of Mohammed and public criticism of the PRC seem to engender the same kinds of responses. Geez, guys calm down!


CCP Manifesto:

Declare independence - we'll kill you,

Bag our country - we'll kill,

Meet with the Dalai Lama - we'll kill you,

Boycott our Olympic peace games - we'll kill you.


So much for the peaceful rise of the Chinese nation. I'm for one am looking forward to when China rightfully assumes it role as a leading global power - the world will be a much better place



The really silly thing is how offended people in the PRC get over things like CNN when their own government bans access to the bloody service! What does that tell them about their government's honesty and openness? Doesn't it occur to them that, gee the government censors heavily most information I get, and now the CNN are calling them goons and thugs, hmm, maybe there is something in what they're saying. The overseas Chinese who so uncritically support the PRC government should be ashamed of themselves. They have a much better idea of what is going on and still get themselves worked up. "My country right or wrong" - didn't we leave that nonsense behind last century?

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Seriously, I'd like to see the torch come here and am looking forward to it.


I didn't give a shit about it before, but since these dumbphuk protests have happened, I'd like to see the torch here, so we can have a good look and protect it from western brainwashed dumbphuks and people who think it trendy to hold banners that say "free Tibet". Nothing is free, get it?


Get with the program. Tibet doesn't matter, it's a western chain yank. If you don't see that, hallaluja, 'cos here comes the corporate shoppers. Your banks are soon to be not yours.

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Yep Thursday we can't let pesky little issues like human rights get in the way of world domination...


Especially lets not let those pesky little minorities who are savages anyway and just can't seem to get that domination by the Han majority is actually good for them! Forget about freedom of speech, association and religion, they are just crazy ideas dreamed up by the west to destabilize great nations like China.


Most importantly let's remember that the only thing that matters in this world is money (the world according to Thursday anyway). As long as China has enough money (and potential for others to make money) it can commit any atrocities it likes and we'll all just let them get away with it. Ah what a wonderful world we live in...



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