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Always been curious, does anybody know where one can find the list of country codes with regards to the first 2 digits of diplomatic license plates in Japan. My google searches are fruitless.

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I used to have a list. but I think I threw it away when I moved.


There must be an official list by Gaimusho, but I got one that was made by some embassy drivers, but it was a complete list (back then).


basically it is in alphabetical order, although recently a lot of 'new' countries opened an embassy in Tokyo. Those countries were just added to the list. Then there are some embassies having so many cars driving around that they have more than 1 number (USA, Russia, China, Korea and some others)


From what I remember


02 Argentina

03 Australia

05 Brasil

09 Chile

10 China

38 Korea

48 Korea

58 Netherlands

68 Pakistan


The first 2 or 3 digits is the country code the last 2 digits is the car number. If the car has 01 as last digits it is the official ambassadors car, but all other numbers can be at random (or not)

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I was just wondering what country was starting by 63 since when I drop my kid to nursery I always see this car with a blue plate starting by that number. Just plain curiosity.

I found a site explaining the diffence between embassador, etc...




so what could possible fall between 58 and 68 posted by Sanno above?

I assume it is in alphabetical order based on the english name.


CB, I know where you live, I have the means to make you confess sins you have not even thought about commiting yet... \:D

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