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I wanted to throw this up so we can share pix. I don't have any but a few of you were taking shots all day. I know some people were talking about keeping in touch for sharing cost, riding together. So if you want to throw up a post so people can PM you and connect handles with faces.

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Yes, I finally did! After 20+ years of hitting the stashes, it was about time. The instructor did say it was the European way of doing things: Emphasize experience, then if you are still alive after many years, take a course to see what you have been doing wrong. ;-)

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 Originally Posted By: SerreChe
Just got back from Haks. I took quite a few shots.
I'll try to post them tonight.

Was good to meet Oke, King, + the others whose handles I cannot remember (Gomen).

Just got back! You lucky man.
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 Originally Posted By: SerreChe
Actually not so lucky...
Yellow sands from the Gobi + high temps = like riding cement before it sets... Thick & heavy & unpleasant molasse.

yes, I skied 2000m of the yellow sand on monday. It wasn't so bad up high but terrible in lower elevations. Stupid Chinese sand!
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Hey, does anyone know where you can DL that scare tactic video about the Montana guys... I wanna show a buddy. Mike said it was on their site, but I can't find it for the life of me....


oh sorry, just found it..... forget it.

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Ok, I uploaded a bunch of pics here:




Feel free to link any into this thread and comment them.


Things you'll be able to see:

Kamoshika, lazy tracks off the north side of Happo, our hike near Hyodorimine, Norikuradake, Korengesan, + other peaks, People digging pits, people searching & digging during their avalanche simulation, massive east-facing slide off karamatsudake, etc...



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Dave the guide and designated trail breaker


Lines on north face of Happo that I had to look at all day. thanks guys, you know who you are cry.gif


More of the same mad.gif


But it was a nice day for a hike


Looks tasty down there


Cut this cornice 3 times but it just wouldn't drop.


Our only pow turns for the day cry.gif


Dave spitting snowpack knowledge, really good part of the course.


Roustch block 6 = good stability


Multiburial Scenareo #1


We found him he's alive


Probe line for gaper who wasn't wearing a beacon



Great pix SerreChe.

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Thanks for linking/commenting these Oke, been a bit rush last night.


Kuma, I think his is grey :-)

Sorry, had the tail most of the time, so most of my pics are from the rear, although it did not apply for the simulation I guess.


I like Kamoshikas...


Saw 2 on the way up the gondie, missed the pic.

Saw 1 from the ridge before we dropped in.


It was a bit far from where we were:



This one looks really chubby and enjoying the sun.



Looking towards us. Thanks for cutting the slope buddy:


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For those who missed it (was quite a bit away from where we were and had to zoom in) this is the slide off Kaerazu on E facing slope.




The following day I saw a lot of instability on similarily oriented slopes.



On monday had planned to drop into a E facing slope off Goryu and we had to turn back because of a snowpack that involved multiple nasty crusts as well as facets/goblets, not to mention that the weather caught up with us as well.


The Tsugaike area was very stable the day before. A reminder that things can vary dramatically depending on the mountain & orientation with just a few hours difference.

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Some nice pics, actually it'd be cool if SJ released a calendar with a selection of some of the pics that are posted on the forums, there are some real slick pics there!

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