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In Hakuba you can either slay the deep Pow or slash the bigline. This Week we got is ALL. This week will go down as one of the best ever for riding. New lines opened, waist deep snow then stable biglines.



A little surfer action.



Perfect trees



Dropping in



Laying it down



yet again!


2887459120025727148S600x600Q85.jpg Damon loving the open fresh bowl!



charging a spine



kuma in heaven



Kuma slashing in the sun at the end of the day!


2076223730025727148S600x600Q85.jpg yours truly

Charging for the camera!



FT again



What a bloody day! Warren Miller can kiss my arse we got 4 off the back to their 2 hahaha



Pat the freaking man living the powder life!



End the day with a toss over the river!


Last a little video of MArky showing that you can ski powder in hakuba!

pow bowl video


Thanks to Dan, stunts, king, the hot girls sammy and risa, Matt&Becs,

Damon, Pat, Mark and last Kumapix for participating in one of the most killer weekends maybe more? EVER.

There are better shots but somethings you have to keep to yourselves!





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  • SnowJapan Moderator
Seriously why dont the pics work anymore? Are we not allowed to link from other sites?

We haven't touched your thread and generally you should be able to embed photos.

I would suggest it is some other problem.
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I've just had a look at the HTML source of FT's post and I've found two problems:

  • Some are hosted by Facebook - I've had nothing but problems with directly linking to photos hosted by FB. I think they limit how many times they can be accessed outside their own pages.
  • Check out this url! http://inlinethumb11.****.com/22218/2114193830025727148S600x600Q85.jpg it's got a bunch of asterisks in it! That is never gonna work. If you press the Quote button on FT's original post all the image url's are there unmolested, so it looks like SJF maybe mangling the urls for some reason?
FT, can you upload them to SJ? That would solve the hosting problems. I realise it's a pain having to double upload.


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  • SnowJapan Admin

Interesting Journey Man.


Facebook stuff - I have no idea.


Second point is interesting, I don't know why that is happening and this kind of thing is not my bag.... I'll pass it to someone who's bag it is tomorrow. \:\) Thanks.


PS Why are you typing with your thumbs? ;\)

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I can't see the pics because ze scum at work have blocked them but I will check when I get home, I never have a prob with FT's pics. But I don't have to see them all because I was there! Two days of perfection at the weekend, it's like every time I go skiing at Hakuba I have THE BEST SKI WEEKEND OF MY LIFE. Each time better than the last. The stuff that I was doing over new year in Hokkaido now seems mundane and dull, and at this rate I'll be looking back at the last couple weekends realising that I have come on since then (whilst still acknowledging the incredible fun I had of course!).


Let's not turn this thread into some kind of tech talk about photos...

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