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 Originally Posted By: Mike & Jo
Hi Everyone.
Anyway we're both fairly reasonable skier, bringing both our alpine and Tele skis, and our BC gear too. So just like everyone else we want it all, Deep Fresh snow, Great advanced terrain, uncrowded slopes, good out of bounds/backcountry and of course a relaxed ski patrol to go with it!!!!!

hey there, I just got home from my second Hakuba venture. If your asking for whats quoted I have to say visiting all the resorts you mention will cut down your pow intake by drastic amounts. Unless you have a good guide at each place.

I am no hakuba expert but here is my history...

trip one: 3-1/2 weeks, 3 days off, 2 because either I was beat or no snow. Total resort ridden 2.

trip two: 2 weeks, 1 day off because because luggage did not arrive. Total resorts ridden 2.

I'd love to see all the hills but you'll never bag the amounts of pow you want unless you get to know and become intimate with the hills you ride. Knowledge is earned in the hills. Happo, tsugaike and another one I forget the name were more than enough for me for close to 6 weeks. I still wish to see the monkeys though. But snowboard is more fun.

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