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As seen through tsonda-camera, probably the best New Years Holls I had since I arrived in Japan. thumbsup.gif


美酒鍋 (sake nabe) party with the SJ team on the 30 th


tsondaboy_133.JPG tsondaboy_134.JPG


Face of the year award to fjef! \:D



After overwhelming public demand, tsondaboy digging tsonda-mobile out of the snow in New Years Day, wearing tsondagirl's pink cap! blush.gif



If you stink, you get to ride the lift alone! \:\)



sick powder New Years Eve day, with CreekBoy and Bushpig (in order of appearance) riping it! clap.gif



and lastly, our kamoshika friend!


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Although we end up not eating kamoshika or any kind of game, we had a 3 day feast.


on the 30th CB and BP made the nabe in the picks

on the 31st tsonda, Shahan and Darah cooked roasted pork, fried chicken rice and Stroganoff stew

on the 1st fjef and the SJ girls made chicken BBQ and salad

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mermaid, is that N or M?? \:\)


Nice riding Ghengis! Get him on here fjef!


Nice one Tsonda, that was certainly a bloody good new years. CB has some vid of you and me out in Otari. I think he will post it on her once he gets a chance.

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