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Arriving in Osaka in a week and liked the idea of sending boards and stuff ahead while we wander around Kyoto for a day or so.


As a Japan newbie, I had a few questions about how it worked.


1. Where do we send stuff from?

2. Do we need to package especially?

3. How long do they take to get gear to the destination (Hakuba in this case)?

4. Any chance of them not getting stuff to you? Would hate be surrounded by powder and not have the gear to do anything about it?

5. Roughly, what does it cost?

6. My son is joining us later in Nozawa after flying into Tokyo. How long does it take to make that journey?


Thanks in advance for the advice.

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in short.

1. you can send it from your house, hotel, the convenience store (only specially selected stores though). if needed the takkyubin guys will come and pick it up from you...

2. you wont need to package it especially - ive always put my board in the boardbag and sent that as is. Depending on where you send it from you might have the option buy a plastic cover for it for 500 yen (i personally dont think it needs one)

3. if you{re sending from osaka - hakuba - allow three days as a very conservative timeframe (2 days is normally standard for that sort of distance).

4. Nope - it`ll get sent to where you need it to get to, and within the 2 hr timeslot you designate on the form

5. last time i sent a board from tokyo - hakuba was 1300yen. such a cheap, efficient, convenient, reliable service that takes the hassle out of lugging stuff thru the train / bus stations

6. think its about 2 hrs from Tokyo - Nozawa by bus / shinkansen. add another hour or so if he`s coming from Narita. there might be quicker / cheaper deals and im sure some others on here will be able to help you out more..


any number of takkyubin companies - try yamato on their free dial number 0120 01 9625 (You`ll need Japanese though)


(moderators - please delete if phone number part not appropriate)

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I've done Takkyubin from Kansai many times, works like a champ. Service is usually next day (depending on the time you drop it off). The only time it took me longer than a day was when I sent from Niseko to Hakuba, but I alloted extra days for that anyway.


I recommend Kuroneko (black cat) or Sagawa.

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