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hee hee

Try travelling with 4 of them, and then make the 2 eldest "adults" - I think the only place we get "childrens prices" for them now, is at home when we go to the movies and on the bus/train.


Flights they are 'adult' at 12, in most hotels kids are treated as adults except in the prices for the meals, and then over 10 or 12 is adult.


The one thing that annoys me about most hotels is thier insistance on having 3 beds per room. We book for 6 and need to spread across 2 rooms - usually the 3rd bed is a rolloway, and usually there is enough room for 2 rolloways. I would like to stick the 4 boys together and have some adult time just hubby and I, but hotels tend to insist on us being stuck with one of the kids, and then the one with the big boys gets bullied coz he is on his own, and the one with us feels like he is being punished and is missing the kid fun....aaarggghh!!!!!!!!!!!

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