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How much do you pay for 2nd hand cars in Japan, ones in decent nick. Of course depends on the model etc, but any personal examples? I heard that there's a whole truck load of other costs "unique to Japan" that you need to factor in as well.


(BTW, I'm now interested in importing, just interested if you can get decent deals over there compared with over here).



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lol.gif 2pints, the grey market is an excellent spot to go in.


A Japanese couple, friends of my ex imported used Japanese Skylines and Supras into the states. EXCELLENT returns.


I bought a used Kawasaki from Japan here from importers. EXCELLENT value. Sold it on before I killed myself.


There must be lots of demand for unique spec right hand drive cars from right hand drive countries. Just let me know when you start up, I'd be interested in a Supra from Japan, the next time I'm in the UK. Just make sure the turbos have been changed.

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I don't know how much cars are anywhere else actually.


But my friend just got a really nice Integra in great condition with shaken for 18 months for around 1.5 million, including all the other costs you need to put on top of the actual car.

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Compared to Australia the 2nd hand car market here is incredibly cheap. You can get a car with less than 100,000 km's, 2 years shaken and winter tyres for around 400-500,000yen. My Subaru Forester cost around 500,000yen and the same car in Australia would cost more than double this amount.

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I don't know about other places but, actually, here you have to remember all of those add on costs. I have just got a quote on a 2nd hand car and basically 100,000 yen is made up of stuff like the below.


税金・保険 自動車税(12月) 9,800

自賠責保険料 21,230

計 31,030


車庫証明費用 15,000

検査登録代行費用 25,000

下取り車査定料 7,000

下取り車代行費用 6,500

課税分小計 53,500

預かり法定費用 車庫証明 2,700

検査登録 3,380

リサイクル預託金 10,600


非課税分小計 16,680



合 計 101,210


On a car with a quotation of 800,000 yen, it brings it all up to more like 900,000 yen


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Used cars in Japan can be really great deals - but it really depends on what you want.


For old but perfectly good cars, you can pay a little more than the shaken rate and do very well - your local garage may be happy to give you a good car for next to nothing if you pay shaken. You won't have a whole lot of choice.


If you want something in particular, Yahoo auctions is a good place to check prices but not a great place to buy as it is risky - it is a 'buyer beware' marketplace.


The best place to buy a used car in Japan in my experience (about 10 vehicles bought here over the years) is through a professional auction where the cars are pretty much guaranteed to be what they say they are - but how much you pay over the wholesale market price depends on the connection you have with the auction dealer.


Used car dealerships cost a bit more but they come with guarantees that can be very valuable.


I have bought from all of the above sources over the years except Yahoo auctions. I have never been disappointed.

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Skylines hold thier value quite well, but not all cars do. And the parallel import market for Skylines to the US is about to dry up when they launch the GT-R next year. It costs approx 80k to import a JDM Skyline to the US and make it meet regulations to be street legal. the new Skyline GT-R in 2009 will retail for about that amount and the car looks HOT!

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I've had a ton of cars here and mainly buy from the auctions.

Usually from a dealer (subi, toyota etc) you might see a car for 200K but will cost you 500k to drive away. Smaller car yards are cheaper.

What adds to the cost is car tax and recycle tax then shaken if needed.

Pretty hard to get a really cheap car but the quality of older cars are much better (in most cases) than in Oz. And with waay less Km's.

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