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 Originally Posted By: Kumapix
 Originally Posted By: Samui Kitsune
 Originally Posted By: TJ OZ
Saturday 26th January 2008
White Horse Hotel, Echoland, Hakuba.
BBQ and a drink for 2000Yen. Anyone out there want to sponsor some prizes and we can promote your products. (Send me a private message)
Let me know if your a vegetarian or don't eat red meat
Guest list
Me Jane + mini me + 2
John Deere +3
Soubriquet + cakes
Stemik + 1 + 2
Timmeh +1
Jef + Kaz
SamuiKitsune +1

Tubby Beaver

tanoshimi desu!
You must obey the Dance Commander! Giving out the order for fun! \:D
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How about a no-singing contest? Winner is the one who doesn't sing the most! Just a thought.


Oh yeah, the dance commander thing is from an Electric Six song. Its bril. Time for a youtube thread post methinks.. ;\)

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If I try to make it to this snowfall, I might not be able to make it to any snowfall after this one. shifty.gif

Passing the PhD = money for snowboard, so that's my biggest concern at the moment.


Sure, I ll be able to get you a camera but I might not be able to do it this week, I ll PM you about it.

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Ok decision made.

I will follow grungy-gonads grandmas advice and give this time the party a miss.

I hope I can catch up with most of you guys next month when things will have calmed down a bit for me.


Have fun at the party and drink a bier for me. smile.gif

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FT is very sad today and is crying a bit.


Last season I had to honor to tour Billy Poole around Hakuba.

The boy was stoked and one of the best skiers I have ever met.

Today he missed a jump and landed on a rock and passed away.

As I watch the snow fall, I can only think about how stoked he

was on life and the sport we love. Where ever he is right now

that place is just a little more fun. I really dont want to teach

today, and I must wrap my head around the drive home in the slick weather.

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That's too bad FT. The stakes are so high for those fellas. It must be terrible for his family and friends. He went off skiing full of life and that was it.


This is actually the party thread, so on the subject of that, I'll check with the missus and hopefully see you all there.

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Hey there,


just a note for John Deere's group.... it's grown considerably, though I haven't confirmed if everyone will be at the SJ party the group is now


JD + 8 though quite possibly 10/11


Just in case it stuffs up your catering!

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