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The FOOTBALL Thread (2007-2008)

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Ferguson...also turned his guns on Gabriel Heinze's representatives, and agents in general, after the defender moved to Real Madrid last week when his proposed move to Liverpool was ruled out.

'Agents just want to make money, and what has just happened was the culmination of a drip, drip effect that has been going on all the time,' Ferguson said. 'We looked after Gabby, we signed him and let him play in the Olympics, which meant he only started playing for us in the October. Then after one year at the club his agent asked us to sell him. He then had a bad injury, was rushed back to play in the World Cup, came back to us unfit and we had to rehabilitate him all over again.

'We liked the lad, but I don't think he knew what was being asked on his behalf. He was given a solid financial package but we were soon being asked to make him the best-paid player at Old Trafford. I don't necessarily blame the player, I don't think he was being told the truth half the time, but this whole business of dealing with agents is getting ridiculous. We are presently looking into Liverpool's role in the affair, too. It's too early to say whether we will be asking the FA to investigate that, but it's a possibility.'

United treated the guy really well on a number of times. To think that he (or his agents) think he should have been the best-paid player is just totally ludicrous. Cuckoo land.

The guy was actually well-liked at Old Trafford until recently. The ungrateful fool.
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O'Shea has been a hero a few times actually, he is a good player to have around. Silvestre and Brown have both had their moments (both good and not so good), but to say they are "absolutely shite" is a bit over the top.


Anyway, I'm off to Old Trafford now. Hopefully we will actually win a game today ;\)

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Yes we were very lucky last night I think. Funny how things work.... the worst football we have played in the 4 games, but the only win. It was very frustrating to watch.

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Not desperate to leave home Soubs, but it is the best place on earth ;\)


My opinion is that those players are kept in the squad because they are Ferguson yes men, this allows them to stay in a talented team when their skill level suggets they should have moved on. Every team always has "Yes-men" that the manager, especially the old school managers, liked to keep around. They can be used when the chips are down, but they are simply filler as opposed to players who will give the team a definite spark or impetus to win.


You say I'm not giving him credit......I said in my 2nd post that I wasn't knocking his management style as it brought great success to Man U (eventually), after all it seems that Foreigners are the only managers capable of winning the Premiership.

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Torres and Voronin are looking good together. Torres' pace is awesome. I'm feeling good about us this season. Would like to play Man Utd soon to take advantage of their weak spell.

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I think Torres is looking good, although he does still have the European mentality of going to ground too quickly. Only seen Voronin once, so still dunno about him. Crouch must be pissed off eh, seems to be way down the pecking order now.

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That was a frustrating game but a great goal and 3 points so it will do for now. But we need to sort out our current "problems".


After talking about him on here yesterday, Brown went and had one of his rubbish games.

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Didn't see the Newcastle Boro game.


Though I see the lineup for next week on Sky is looking good again - 5 games with 3 in hi-vision if you have that. \:\)

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09月01日 (土) 22:55 - 25:25

リバプール vs. ダービー

Liverpool vs Derby


09月01日 (土) 25:10 - 27:45 07/08

マンチェスターU vs. サンダーランド

Man Yoo vs Sunderland


09月02日 (日) 21:25 - 23:55 07/08

アーセナル vs. ポーツマス

Arsenal vs Portsmouth


09月02日 (日) 22:55 - 25:30 07/08

ブラックバーン vs. マンチェスターC

Blackburn vs Manchester City


09月02日 (日) 23:55 - 26:30 07/08

アストンビラ vs. チェルシー

Aston Villa vs Chelsea

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Gutted United supporter mate from back home sent me this, as he knows I liked him too. Not sure where it's from but it is spot on.


Ole Gunnar Solskjaer brings the curtain down on 11 years at Old Trafford with one simple statement of fact proving his worth.


No-one - inside or outside Old Trafford - can muster up a single bad word to say about the Norwegian whose boyish appearance won him the nick-name "The Baby-Faced Assassin."


Solskjaer has caused many a curse from opposing teams and supporters with his unerring eye for the target, or his uncanny habit of scoring the goals that win matches, and on occasion trophies.


But once partisanship is removed from the equation, Solskjaer will receive nothing other than praise or respect from every football fan.


In an era of big-spending and even bigger egoes, has there ever been a better value-for-money deal than the 」1.5m Sir Alex Ferguson paid Molde for Solskjaer's services in 1996?


366 appearances and 126 goals later, it is difficult to come up with a better transfer concluded by Ferguson.


At a time when many clubs, paricularly Liverpool, were having mixed fortunes in the fledgling Norwegian market, Ferguson hit the jackpot in quite spectacular fashion when he unearthed Solskjaer.


The highlight of Solskjaer's career will always be that winner in the 1999 Champions League final against Bayern Munich, capping United's dramatic injury-time comeback.


But earlier that season he kept the treble bid on course with another late, late winner against Liverpool in the FA Cup at Old Trafford.


This was Solskjaer in essence - maybe not a scorer of great goals, but a great goalscorer and a scorer of priceless goals.


He was a better footballer than many gave him credit for, so much more than a penalty area predator.


Indeed, it was his ability to flourish in a right-flank role that helped persuade Ferguson it was time to sell David Beckham to Real Madrid in 2003.


Sadly, persistent injury problems meant Ferguson's theory was never fully put to the test.


Solskjaer the player has been suitably decorated, his career well-chronicled.


But admiration is just as great for Solskjaer the professional.


Solskjaer has never put a foot out of place at Old Trafford, never caused Ferguson a moment's trouble.


He has taken his place on the bench when he may have felt he deserved to be in the starting line-up.


The striker made his point emphatically, but not with words or threats.


He responded by turning games too numerous to mention after emerging as a substitute.


And on one memorable occasion, he scored four times in the last 20 minutes after coming on in an 8-1 win at Nottingham Forest.


And in a time when foreigners infiltrating our game are often portrayed as money-grasping mercenaries, Solskjaer has displayed nothing but unswering loyalty to Old Trafford.


Contract his demeanour with Gabriel Heinze, a player who never came close to touching his achievements or affection at United.


Heinze attempted to engineer a move to arch-rivals Liverpool before eventually skulking off to Real Madrid.


It was behaviour that would not have entered the head of Solskjaer.


It was loyalty repaid by Ferguson when he handed him a new contract despite constant injury problems.


Solskjaer's retirment will sadden Ferguson both professionally and personally, but he may yet return in a coaching or ambassadorial role.


And, knowing Solskjaer, he would continue to be a credit to himself, United and football.

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