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Winter time - when change?

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I was interested in this, too.


Japan observed DST between 1948 to 1951 but it caused rushhour train overcrowded. Wow, we have this terrible rush-hour train more than a half century... Wikipedia says Hokkaido is observing DST since 2004, is this popular in Hokkaido?


I didn't know DST started under the wartime in Germany. hmmm interesting.

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Actually Japan voted to adopt daylight savings time back in 1998.


It passed. In 1998.


BUT, the change is not to go into effect in 2008. Why?


The reason given by METI. . . "the Japanese people would be confused and we need sufficient time to teach them about it."


And have you seen any public service announcements from METI over the past 8 years "explaining" the ever so difficult to understand concept of changing your watch twice a year? Me neither.


Akibun, You have TEPCO and Japan Steel (and of course the wonderful people of METI who took their money) to thank for higher-than-necessary summertime electricity bills, CO2 emissions, electricity shortages, and for being called stupid.

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