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So like a home-made version then.   Sounds good to me.

I was avoiding ramen over summer, just too hot, but got back into it the last few weeks. Miso negi. Can't beat it.

Originally Posted By: pie-eater
Unless they are not. Japan doesn't seem to have gotten the idea. The few I have ordered have been pretty pathetic. So easy and yet so good.

Japan doesn't have potatoes big enough!! they are always little tiddlers.
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I cooked a very successful seafood stew this evening.


Good quality Australian seafood including:

Green king prawns,



Kingfish steaks



Made my own fish stock with 2 fresh fish heads, prawn heads & shells, white wine, lemon zest, small pcs of fresh lime, some salt & pepper & olive oil.


Also used some fresh leek, Italian chopped tomatoes, fresh garlic, and a little dill & parsley.


Turned out very nice, if I do say so myself.

Love seafood.

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This is a å››å· dish. å£æ°´é›ž. Called that 'cos the smell will get you salivating for the taste. Said to have 10 distinctive tastes, but if you can make out 7, you've done great.


The flavour is very strong and hot, 麻辣. Gives you a tingling sensation on the lips, much like they were moving on their own. But the chili spiciness doesn't get too much on the tongue.


This one was one of the finest I've tasted.




Watch you don't leave sesame seeds around your mouth.

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