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Wonder if they will keep them as they are now or do something with them. Hard to see Game suddenly becoming a success with the way they currently do things. Grim shops. The best bit I saw while I w

Got the resident evil package from Amazon at 6300yen (In Yodobashi camera it was 8000yen) as the game has English setting.


The thingy was already charged up, so plugged the camera in and calibrated the thingy. Calibration took 30secs tops (mainly because I cocked up and the system threw a wobbly).


Can use it to control the XMB and played some disc golf, very simple game but my god the accuracy. Deliberately "threw" the disc off-kilter, and the disc followed the same pattern, even flipping at one point!Played table tennis, and it even recognises slice shots, forehand and backhand shots too


Jumped onto resident evil and it really came into it's own. The move is used to target and shoot, and the accuracy is amazing, pin point shots between the eyes, watching zombies' heads explodes is pretty funny.


Really am amazed at how accurate this thingy is. I was a massive skeptic as thought it would just be like the Wii but it's something different, something "better". Just hope the games start coming out. Was really wanting the kinect at first, but with each pr piece about it stripping away some of its features has left me disappointed with that, in so much I have decided to sell my xbox360.

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