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My boyfriend and I recently changed banks and we decided to roll our car insurance over because they were offering us a discount... so today I rang them to get a quote on the premiums.


I was expecting mine to be ridiculously high because I have a really bad traffic history: one major accident, two minor ones, and a licence suspension for speeding (and one prior to that which I contested). \:o

So, I was expecting my premium to be around the $800-1000 mark - but - the guy quoted me $450. Shocked, I asked him to recheck it and he still came up with the same figure.


Then I asked him for a quote for my boyfriend's premium. My boyfriend is a model driver. Never had an accident, only ever had one speeding fine for doing, like, 67 in a 60 zone. So my jaw hit the ground when he quoted $600+.


I asked the guy to explain this and he said males in their twenties usually have more accidents, so they automatically attract a higher premium. I can understand them using this method in the case of determining premiums for new drivers, but it seems like a silly way to work it out when dealing with drivers that have a blatantly good/bad rating...?

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