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We now have 2 mtb courses here one at 47

and one over near aokiko lake. both are downhill courses.


The aokiko course is 500 yen for all day includes a lift up to the top in a van.

contact sweetriders they have been building the course for more info.


47 is 3500 with rental gear for 2 hours. dont know the without gear price. contact 47 for more info.


I cant wait to try my new bike out when i get back from kyoto.


please post any other info about biking here if you would like.

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And here I didn't think you'd find a more expensive sport than skiing

But you've proved me wrong

May as well just open up your wallet and dump it out now


Mountain biking is really fun and I've never even been on a real downhill bike. But **** that sport is expensive

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i got my bike for free or for 10000 yen. ill find out over obon.


disc brakes

full suspension.

enough for 3 years of weekly rides.

A very good friend is paying me back for

some deep powder days together. lucky i guess.


In 3 years i might need a new bike though then we will see if im interested.

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If you have all the gear then its cheaper than skiing isn't it???

500 yen for all day isn't that much.. skiing/boarding costs 4-5000 going on daily tix. (as I am sure you already know!)

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I went with my mtb crazy friend to Fujimi panorama in june.

we had a really good time, mountain biking is a lot of fun, but too expensive for me.


The gondola ticket is 3500 yen for a day.



We rented freeride bikes there, including lift, lunch and onsen it was 11.500 yen. that was including saftey gear, but no goggles!!! so we had to go to the local home center and buy 89 yen safety goggles (we were too cool)



Our outfits were a source of great amusement to the regulars there.


Fujimi has 3 runs, an easy, intermediate and one downhill.

i was a first timer, and i had no real problems, the most difficult was the intermediate run.

My friend is a real expert, so it wasn't very challenging for him, he had great fun though.


i like speed, so the downhill course quickly became my favorite.





Luckily for me, there were very few people there, i think i would have been uncomfortable with people overtaking me all the time out there. i counted less than 20 riders that day.

No real waiting to get lunch either.


If you have a day off work and money to burn, this is good fun.

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trips been altered to just fun no work...maybe take some pics if the opportunity arises. I leave on thursday, from nartia then head south to some surf for a probly 10-14 days then up to posibly kyoto(if nicks around) and on to hakuba and niigata. Nothing in stone but I think thats what will happen.

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you still have my number right? im at the inlaws right now. wess is surfing out west right now, ps its not south its west do you have his phone number? if you need a tent you can pull one out of the lodge just call me and ill tell you where it is. also have summer bags.

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