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The FOOTBALL Thread (2006-2007)

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OK lads and lasses. The Premiership fixtures for the coming season have been released and so time for the new thread.


Another easy championship for Chelsea? Nah, Liverpool are in with a shout this time round and those United scoundrels might be sniffing around as well.


I'm going for those as the top 3.




Tons of previous footie talk for the 05/06 season can be found here in "The Ultimate FOOTBALL Thread (05/06)".





Premiership opening weekend fixtures 19 August:


Arsenal v Aston Villa

Bolton v Tottenham

Chelsea v Man City

Everton v Watford

Man Utd v Fulham

Newcastle v Wigan

Portsmouth v Blackburn

Reading v Middlesbrough

Sheff Utd v Liverpool

West Ham v Charlton



Tuesday, 22 August:


Charlton v Man Utd

Middlesbrough v Chelsea

Tottenham v Sheff Utd

Watford v West Ham

Wigan v Arsenal



Wednesday, 23 August:


Aston Villa v Reading

Blackburn v Everton

Fulham v Bolton

Liverpool v Newcastle

Man City v Portsmouth

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I hope not. It would be great if it was really close with 3 or 4 teams right at the top. And United winning of course.

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Good to see that Rafa reads SJ and picked up on my advice six months ago to buy Craig Bellamy.


Him scoring on Aug 23 looks like a very sound bet.

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Woodrow Wyatt was still going strong in the Eighties though. He would give it all the "give 'em the birch!" "want a job? get on your bike!" "bring back National Service" type little-England Thatcherist line every week. I only mention him because "The Voice of Reason" is such a good tagline.


In my own selfish reality, I define the older generation as people who remember the man on the moon. I was but a babe in arms....


Getting back to the football, that Newcastle-Liverpool game has already been rescheduled thankfully. CL game for Liverpool I think.

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Cheers mate. See you in August \:\)


Back to the footie, rach would you be sad if Ronnie Ronaldo left United? Apparently he said he wants out and to Madrid. Sounds like it might just be part of the politics that goes on round Madrid election times.

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Look forward to it mate.


Probably the usual bollocks from Real Madrid. Having said that I bet Ronaldo does want to be playing in Spain. Funny lad, he obviously has a lot of talent but it doesn't always show through and there's a lot of acting about (though less this last season than when he first started).

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He can be good. I was actually quite surprised to see Bartez in the France goal. I thought he had retired a while back. Obviously not!

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Bartez was a nutter and used to be very unpredictable. Has he become more predictable now.


Decent game yesterday, lets hope it's a good one today. I don't want France to win the cup, but want Portugal to win even less... so, come on France

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