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What do you reckon Horie-san will end up doing?

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Of course he will be back. Guys like him don't let what happened to him ruin their lives. I think he will come back stronger.

He may find it hard to find investor confidence again, but he is still loaded and he can start up privately then bring it public once the public "forgets" about livedoor.

He'll have to keep it all legit coz they'll be watching..

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Originally posted by BagOfCrisps:
So was he a naughty boy or not then?
He's been charged with false accounting. Inflating profits, turnover etc. We'll see what the law decides in due course, but there doesn't seem to be much doubt he will be found guilty action-smiley-054.gif
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2 1/2 years in the can.


"Former Livedoor Co. President Takafumi Horie, the once celebrated IT entrepreneur, was sentenced Friday to 2-1/2 years in prison without suspension by the Tokyo District Court, for violating the securities law.


In handing down the unusually harsh sentence to 34-year-old Horie, presiding Judge Toshiyuki Kosaka said Horie "played the central role" in all charges, and "deserves strong approbation for his crimes in deceiving individual investors and sacrificing their well-being in the pursuit of corporate gain."


It is extremely rare for suspects convicted solely of securities law violations to be given a custodial sentence."


"Explaining the tough sentence, the ruling said: "There was no evidence that, as manager of this public company, [Horie] had any consideration for investors. He never apologized in court to shareholders and investors who suffered enormously, and there has been no sign of remorse.""


Sounds about right. I find it pitiful when someone takes the salary and perks when thing go right, and blames the employees when things turn to custard.

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