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5 Sets of Smith Goggles


In this special Giveaway, we have 5 sets of new Smith Goggles to giveaway (5 winners):


This giveaway will be a little different from the usual weekly ones that we have had on the site until now. This time, any Snow Japan Insider who sends in a Resort Review following the procedure below (from Feb 1st - Feb 29th) will automatically be entered into the draw.


Here's how to enter:


1) Go to our RESORT REVIEWS page:



2) Be logged in:

Make sure you're logged in to Snow Japan Insider. One way to check that you are logged in is the message at the top of the above page.


----If you are already logged into Insider, at the top of the page you should see a "Hello, YOUR USERNAME" message.

----If you are not logged in, it will just say "Use the form on this page to send in your Resort Reviews." In that case, please log in to Insider from here http://www.snowjapan.com/e/insider/login.php


3) Write your Resort Review!

Please make sure that you specify the PREFECTURE and the RESORT NAME when you make your review.




All valid reviews sent in from February 1st 2004 until February 29th 2004 will be entered into the Prize Draw for the tickets.


All we ask of the Resort Review is that:


a) it is more than 50 words long;

B) it is accurate and the truth as you see it ;\)


The Resort Reviews on the site are a great help to other snow riders, and so we thank you for your cooperation by making Reviews that other readers will appreciate.


(Please note that we do reserve the right to edit or not publish any reviews that are sent in - but more than likely it will be published as is. There is no need to email us to let us know that you have written a review – by submitting a Resort Review as a logged in Insider, you will automatically be entered into the draw.)


Many thanks!



RESORT REVIEWS SECTION: http://www.snowjapan.com/e/voice/review.php




(Actual models to be confirmed)

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