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Blair's 'culture of respect' agenda

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Is Japan still something that you could call "a culture of respect"?


Tony B here in England and his guvment has made 'respect' a major theme for its third term in office so it seems.


A curious thing for them to do it would seem, more here.








"People could be evicted from their own homes for three months if they are nuisance neighbours, under a new action plan for Tony Blair's "respect agenda".


The plan would also allow the public to grill police about anti-social behaviour and demand tougher action.


And there will be more use of parenting orders and classes for parents.


The prime minister denied the plans were a "gimmick" and said they would help "take back the streets for the law-abiding majority."

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Granted, there are certainly more important things for Blair to concentrate on, but I do think that this is a good(ish) idea.


The streets of certain towns in England have long stopped being a safe place to be, especially at night, and I hope that his plans have some effect.


I'm not particularly looking forward to leaving Japan, and returning to England partly as I'll lose the freedom to do and go exactly where and when I want without the nagging feeling that danger could be around the corner. (I'm not saying I live in the Bronx, but there is a load more danger involved in a night out in my home town than in anywhere I've found in Japan so far). If this "culture of respect" agenda goes any way to help alleviate this problem, then fair play to Tony, but I am fairly sceptical of what its effectiveness will be.

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