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How many songs on your ipod/zen/music player?

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i hate you both. ;\)

my poor little minnie only fits 4GB, which is currently more than my vacant hard drive space. (does that make sense? my computer is having a heart attack any time i try to download anything)


but i'm wondering, just how many of those 7000plus songs do you actually regularly listen to? (not the point, just trying to not get too jealous)

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Ive got about 2000 songs on my YamaPod and am only using like 8gigs I think. Still got 30 gigs to fill up and havent added any in a long time.


I wanna wait till I get more music downloaded off the net and listen to that.


And, I wanna buy some of those Bose headphones that are out \:D

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I have a mp3 capable portable CD player, I burn whatever I want to CD and listen to mp3 that way.

It works for me and it still leaves the option to listening to the real CD.


I never saw the point of having 20000 songs on one machine, you can only listen to one at a time.



Manda, you didnt back up your collection? really? wow.


snugly fit inside her
her? iPods look so androgenous, I thought that was the appeal of them. ;\)
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