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sakebomb: I'm neither. Pedophilia and child porn is disgusting and I think penalties should be harsher. Children are some of the most vulnerable members of our society and to expose them to such things is terrible.

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Glitter is worse than either of them
Now, how'd you know that? He is not even convicted yet.

And shouldn't the people who are directly responsible for the misfortune of these children e.g. the pimps, the 'facilitators' and people who took, or permitted the taking of, photographs of these children (in some case possibly the parents) receive a more severe penalty than the customer?
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Originally posted by sava:
pedophile is such a harsh term. perhaps we should use 'child porn enthusiast'
****ing a 12 year old doesnt count him as a pedophile?? WTF?!? :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Im sure that wasnt his first time either, only the first time he got caught in Vietnam.
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Yeah I think he's a really great guy. Totally misunderstood. Someone's setting him up.

And is there a softer target than a 60-year old ex-rock star with a prior but without the benefit of the vagaries of a legal system like the US?

I am not saying he hasn't done anything but how come in these sort of cases we never hear anything about the 'supplier/procurer/oppressor' who is surely more guilty?
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The News of the World today. They like their capital letters, don't they. Of course a paper you can trust as much as something you can't really trust, but...




THE 12-year-girl whose testimony could put Gary Glitter to death last night revealed the shocking details of her appalling ordeal at his hands.


In an exclusive interview with the News of the World, brave Tran Thi Thao Nguyen revealed how the one-time glam rock idol made her down potent rum cocktails before forcing her to have sex.


And she is convinced he spiked the drinks with drugs to make sure she couldn't fight him off.


Pretty Nguyen told us: "I could hardly move my arms or legs and had no energy at all. I felt sick and dizzy. Glitter was too heavy and I couldn't struggle free.




"That man's a monster. No girl is safe near him."


In a soft, shy voice, Nguyen relived the story Vietnamese cops are confident will convict the 61-year-old pervert of child rape — and put him in front of the firing squad. She described how vile Glitter:


LURED her to his beachfront mansion through a trusted friend,

SHOCKED her with child porn on his laptop computer,

TRICKED her into watching him have sex with his 18-year-old girlfriend,

LOCKED the doors to prevent her escaping, then callously

ROBBED her of her virginity.

Glitter is now behind bars on charges of ‘lewd acts with children'—including the confessed groping of an 11-year-old called Diem.


Nguyen, speaking through an interpreter, recalled how she first fell into the fiend's clutches through her pal Hoang Thi Bong, 18—his lover and self-confessed ‘Pied Piper' sex recruiter.


"One day in September Bong told me she wanted to take me to a friend's house," said Nguyen, with her anguished mother Nguyen Thi Hong Mai by her side.


"But Bong didn't say who it was or why. We took a motorbike taxi to this big house near the beach. Bong told me it was her boyfriend's home and knocked on the door.




After asking the girls upstairs to his bedroom lair, bloated Glitter—real name Paul Gadd—made them rum drinks and beckoned Nguyen over to his laptop.


Then he showed her some of the 2,311 disgusting kiddie porn images that police this week discovered he had downloaded — chilling echoes of the day Glitter was jailed in Britain in 1999 for hoarding similar filth on his computer.


"As soon as I saw the pictures I was very scared," said Nguyen. "They showed girls about my age with adults.


"Then Glitter told me to take off my clothes but I said no and ran outside where the pool was. By then the drink was making me feel ill— very tired, very dizzy, and I was sick. I just wanted to go home.


"I was really confused. Glitter MUST have put something in the drink, a pill or something, because I'd no control over anything I was doing. I felt so hot as well."


She said Glitter and Bong both called her back to the room—but when she went inside she was struck with terror when the beast locked the door behind her.


"I ran over and shook the handle but it wouldn't open," she told us. "When I realised I was trapped I screamed ‘My God!'




"But Glitter just laughed. Then he grabbed me tight in his arms and started shouting ‘My God!' in Vietnamese just like I'd done. He was making fun of me."


When Nguyen, paralysed by the drink and fear, gave up struggling Glitter stripped and began having sex with Bong on the double bed.


"I was so frightened I wanted to leave right away," said Nguyen. "I shouted to the maid for help but nobody came."


When Glitter again ordered her to strip fearful Nguyen gave in. He then put her on the bed and had unprotected sex with her. "He asked me to touch him but I didn't want to," she said. "He was so heavy on me I couldn't move my arms and legs or fight him off.


"I found it hard to breathe and it hurt so much. All I wanted to do was go home."


Afterwards Glitter shouted: "Trio Oi"—a Vietnamese expression meaning "That's good."


Terrified that if news got out Nguyen would be taken away, they kept their dark secret until hearing that Glitter had been arrested following a News of the World exposé.

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