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Been a skier for 14 years ........ learnt the hard way - in Aussie (lots of ice, rocks, trees, water and sun).


Made the BIG mistake of attempting to learn snowboarding in Oz - OUCH!! eek.gif


Forget it - skiing is easier on the body, unless you've been lucky enough to come from Japan/Canada/US where the landing is a whole lot softer and the trees unlikely to impale!


One point that needs saying: SOME boarders really need to look before they make a turn - you wouldn't do it on a bike - relatively the same speed - so why do it on the snow?! A quick glance could save a trip to the hospital. mad.gif


Since some people are comparing skiers to boarders - and trying to be as indifferent as possible - I believe a stylish skier looks WAY better than any ramp jumpin', rail sliding 'boarder. ;\)


As long as we all enjoy whatever we do, and don't dis others, who cares, right?! cool.gif





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