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OK, we're going to give this a go.... as a trial run, from today you can add an Avatar image to all of your posts on the Snow Japan Forums. (Basically a little image that appears under your name on the left hand side.)


To select an Avatar, here's what you do:






From there, you can either choose one of the (not very exciting) default Avatars (sorry!), or upload your own image. That image must already have a unique URL on the web for you to be able to use it.


* jpg or gif images are fine;

* if you are using your own, please make them up to 70x70 pixels in size


We want this to be "fun". So, just a few groundrules to start this off:


Please don't post anything rude or anything that might cause problems, and no "advertising". If things get out of hand, we'll just have to turn the feature off - so your cooperation please! \:\)



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Originally posted by d=(^o^)=b:
My avatar does not seem to show in off-topic threads. Can another forum member please tell me if it just my strange computer (ie, can you see my pic in the off topic area?)/

Nope, not showing up wakaranai.gif
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