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heres one to drop, a derivative of "debu"


- Hyakan debu -


Hyaku - 100

kan - old unit of weight measurement = 8 & 1/3 pounds

debu - fat


833pounds fatty


= "a really fat bastard"

Konishiki is the ultimate Hyakan debu, (though he is only 613pounds)



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Another good slang word, while we are on the topic, is "Bar codo". In English, "Comb-over".



In North Korea all males must have their hair shorter than 5cm ... to stop hippies I guess! The only exception being "hage" guys, who are allowed to have their hair to the way-out, hippy length of 7cm! That is right, 7cm. They are just way out there, those North Koreans! I wonder what they do if they catch you with hair that is 5.5cm long!

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Originally posted by woywoy:
"Debusen" are "FAT ROLLS", or "Fat lines", literally. If you have ever put on a little weight you will know where I mean! A funny word.
I am also familiar with the phrase puyo-puyo or buyo-byo for wobbly flab bits.
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