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Favorite Beer - very important topic

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Special Brew - ah, it was goddam awful, but a lot of it was consumed on a Friday night before a night out. That and small bottles of vodka. A few cans and the vodka, and we were ready for the night out.

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I had m first taste of Ginga Kogen yesterday - slammin`


The Tokyu hands here in Nagano city had a ganga the stuff, but I`m stockin` up for the upcoming months.


Shame that they are outta bizz \:\( \:\( \:\(

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Winter beer is in full effect in the states. About every bar has a seasonal beer on tap. Here are the best:


1 - Redhook - Winterhook - Woodinville, WA

2 - Widmer - Winternacht - Portland, OR

3 - Sam Adams - Winter Lager - Boston, MA

4 - Pyramid - Snow Cap - Seattle, WA

5 - Full Sail - Wassail - Hood River, OR


Yummm! Still more to try in the next few weeks. Any great seaonal beers in Japan?

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I was a Tooheys old man , but have swung towards Boags premiumn..very tasty..since working in this hole Adelaide.. Coopers special brew..the aged shit..They do know how to brew beer here!

In japan..love those 600ml sapporo draughts chilled in the snow..

But like all good Aussies..any bl**dy beer as long as it's cold and someone else bought it for ya!


Stuck in a heatwave..best beer drinking weather!Crack us a cold one mate!! Cheers big ears!!

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