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Favorite Beer - very important topic

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that new awashu (bubble shit) in Japan has about 15% of their market.....it isn't even beer!! seriously can't even be classified as beer! it is cheap and high in alcohol content....tastes like crap...what's with this country!? THe big 3 beer co. trying to sell more with these crap bi-annual promotions on new non-beer!??! #)$"#&$!


As for beer overseas....Vancouver Island Brewery has a VERY dark lager called Herman's....once a year they take it and do something magical with it....making the HERMANATOR (no shitting you)....pours like maple syrup almost and has a alcohol content of about 11%!


As for Japanese beer....here's a good vocab to remember: JI BIIRU = micro brew....hard to find but always a welcome change from Kirin Asahi and Sapporo.

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hutch, that's 'happoushu' you're talking about there. It may not be real beer but it wets the whistle. Some of it (Brau for example) easily beats maiden's water like Budweiser and Super Dry.


Jibiru is now quite widely available, and some like Ginga Kogen is reasonably priced.


Those syrupy strong beers are horrible. What's the point if you're not just an alcoholic? I used to drink Carlsberg Special Brew in the morning when I was young and stupid until I found myself swelling up one day. All my joints puffed up so my arms and legs looked like sausages, and I couldn't put my watch on. A nurse friend of mine suggested I drink something other than CSB, such as water or coffee, which I did. Soon I was p!ss!ng rivers of slightly reconstituted strong lager and returned to normal, having learnt the lesson that too much of a good thing can be a bad thing, and enough strong beer is too much.

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Life is so short and there so much great beer to drink...

OZ:Coopers sparkling or stout;Crown Lager

CDN:La fin du Monde;Kawartha Lakes

USA:doesnt exist

JPN:Most J beers are all the same, but Kirin black is pretty good

MEX biggrin.gifos Equis




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I'm into the local ji-beers in Japan. Make a change from the all-the-same normal beers. Had some at ARAI the other week, really good. And the Yuzawa Kogen Beer place in Yuzawa is good too. Would like to know of more ji-beer places near resorts.

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Two tinnies of beer at lunchtime when boarding puts me in a horribly dazed state where my feet don't respond to inputs from my brain - which is why I save the drinking till afterwards now. Boarding spoils the drinking, and drinking spoils the boarding.


But I have ridden gondolas with groups of middle-aged Japanese skiers who reek of booze from the early morning. Might explain why they're such a hazard on the piste.

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i board and drink alot. the alcohol provides

a very clean fuel that keeps me warm and

keeps my energy level up.


well allright i admit that it's probably just

the alcohol playing tricks on my brain, but



i would never drink in sketchy conditions

however, or when i'm riding freestyle (pipe,

park, etc.) only when there is tons of

powder and there is nothing to lose.


btw. . . i've been down on the british beers

as of late due to rumors from my friends that

they put all kinds of conditioners,

preservatives and gelatin in the beers -

does anyone know if this is true or not ?

it could be just the stuff that they send

over here to the US, and I hope that's the


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barok, I think it ought to say on the label what's in it. Britain is in Europe, and labelling is stricter there than anyway else, as far as I know. So check out the label and see what it says. I hope you're wrong, because Britain has been making some of the best beer in the world without putting odd shite in it, so I don't know why they need to start now. Cheers! (in both senses of the word)

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