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Favorite Beer - very important topic

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Fave beer(s) - Caffrey's, Sammy Smith Brown

Ale, New Glarus Cherry Ale, Newcastle, Sierra

Nevada Pale.


Fave Japanese - I've really only tried,

Sapporo and it's good.




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Caffreys is a bloody good beer! Its almost Guarateed to be good anywhere you buy it around the world...not like some UK beers are ruined after a trip across the globe.


Kilkenny - theres another good one.

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Sierra Nevad Pale Ale...


don't forget Guieness either...


but you can't get a good ale in

japan...all japanese beer tastes the

same to me...





pray for snow

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What Speightful, Bitter posts!


I'd draught a reply, but it would be bad foam. I'm no EinStein...I've Nevada Pale Ale so I Canter do a bury good job of it. My Guiness! Now you Ale get Bock to your Caffrey lifestyles.


After that last coffee, I'm off to pour my own special Nut Brown Ale into the company bowl.

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