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Going to see the boys play tonight in Hiroshima. Did anyone see them anywhere else....Osaka, Tokyo, Sendai etc? What were they like? What was on the play list? Anyone going to the Hiroshima gig?


I'm a bit worried about the atmosphere - only having ever been to gigs in Glasgow, Edinburgh, various cities in England and Spain. Do the Japanese "get into it" and are there enough non-Japanese who brew up a storm? Or is is just all finger-clicking, toe tapping boredom, where the band can't wait to get outta there sans encore?


I saw The Cardigans on tv and the lead singer was verbally slagging off the crowd for not getting into it (bet ahe wouldn't have done that to a native english speaking crowd).


Any experiences?

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Well, the gig was different from what I'm used to.

- no bar!!! (no wonder the crowd doesn't get going - not exactly the Glasgow Barrowlands atmosphere either)

- about 200 people waiting in line - for t-shirts!!!

- no support band!!

- they played a cd of champagne supernova just after the final song......with everyone standing there thinking they were going to come out again


As to Oasis...they were alright but not that great. I like their music but it seemed pretty flat with some apparent flaws.

What was perfect though was an acoustic solo of Noel singing Wonderwall. That was great.


Liam was his usual ***** self, telling all the non-Japanese to f**K off, he was singing for the people of Hiroshima. He seemed to think we were all still here from the world cup and were loaded.


I had a great time, but probably more to do with the buzz of being at a gig (any gig) and seeing a UK band in Japan. The crowd did pretty well and I'm sure if I'd been down the front, I'd have had more of a Barrowland type experience.


The finale of My Generation was lost on most people and in that respect was a bit of an anti-climax.


After that....the pub and the evening was enjoyed by all.

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:rolleyes: nice name


I saw Oasis before their second album in London and they were really really good. I've seen clips of them recently and it just seemed like a bloated noise, quite different from the band I saw.

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