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There is a discussion going on in the Beckham thread about music. Thought I'd start a new thread to get it out in the open.


Coldplay & Travis = cool.


Anything to add?

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Was just gonna add to the beckham thread, but here we are with a music thread.


Anyone heard the Marilyn Manson version of Tainted Love.




Give me Oasis any day.

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Cree Summer - Just dig that creepy Still Heart. She's good for getting weird to.


And the Gipsy Kings for anytime.


J Rawls, Geto Boys, Nicknack for rap. Even Brandy for hiphop. Lauryn Hill's not bad when she's doing her Bob Marley bit.


For journeys, Van Morrison and Leonard Cohen.


Enigma, Swayzak, Cornelius for work.


For the highway, Toots and the Maytals - Funky Kingston, over and over a doo a doo a doo


Alicia Keyes - When a Real Man, for lovin'.


And real Delta blues with wiggy harp anytime.


Gotta get my music...

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If I get started on this topic, I'll be on all day. Music, "the voice of God" as Brian Wilson once said in that quote that on the sleeve of Daft Punk's Homework LP.


Rather than bore you all with my esoteric tastes, I'll just mention the snowboarding vid "Transcendence". It's got some guys riding some extreme Alaska-like terrain and some of the usual suspects (Jussi, Michi, Gigi, Romain, etc) doing their stuff off big kickers. No rails or jibbing, as far as I can remember. A bit short, but that's boarding videos for you. Great photography. The music is by Mos Def, Jill Scott, the Clash, Lou Reed and a couple of half-decent Radiohead tunes. A refreshing change to most of the other vids I've seen, which have been full of skate punk that sounds like Discharge did twenty years ago. The odd hiphop tune thrown in here and there, but that's usually about it.

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tainted love was originally a ****ing great 60's soul record by gloria jones. first marc almond bodged it and now mm. Is nothing sacred??

Metal?? kids music!!

gotta be drum'n'bass or progressive house for boarding. how american kids listen to the kind of shite you hear on the backing trax of snowbo videos is beyond me!! Went to whistler last year and they maybe good boarders but they no nothing about music. If Max Fish is the best night club in whistler....

went to charmonix this season, a different story. Drum'n'bass, breakbeats, hard house, gabba, garage, 2 step, all there!!

if it ain't funky!!!!

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Just got the new Moby album this morning.


First impressions - similar kind of thing as Play, some old blues/gospel singing on there mixed with Moby style music.


Certainly not immediate - but Play certainly wasn't either and thats one of my fave albums of the last few years.

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The UK's Radio 1 had a big dance music festival at one of the European ski resorts this season. As ever, the daytime "personality" DJs on Radio 1 are bollox, but some of the specialty shows they have on late at night are superb. Fab and Groove played at the event, I think, as did leftfield kings Kruder and Dorfmeister. It sounded really good.


Gabba? Funky?? Metal on samplers if I ask me. Catch your drift with the other stuff tho. Well, dnb YES breakbeat NO.


If heavy metal (in the form of Metallica) and mainstream hiphop (in the form of Dre) are so rebellious, why was it them that tried to incriminate their fans for running Napster? Just shows you how much of the music biz is image and stupid posturing.

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As for modern music,


Dancehall Reggae is good, as long as it

doesn't get too cheesy.


Metal is good - Metallica, Ozzy, Sabbath.


Hip-Hop is great - Tribe Called Quest is #1,

Dre and Snoop are good.


Rock and roll has seen better days, although

there are a few good bands still keepin'

it real - the Strokes for one.


Punk rock rules - Rancid, No Means No, OpIvy,

Misfits, NoFX, (old) Bad Religion, Fugazi,

Minor Threat, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes,

I could go on.


99% of Electronic music is tedious beyond

tedious. brain-dead music for brain-dead

people. Although I do like some drum and bass, and ambient/experimental stuff like Moby,

Aphex Twin, Autechre, and what K & D play,

and some techno (Richie Hawtin).

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I think I'm alone in here, but

Jambands Rule...


String Cheese Incident is a fine example and will be at Fuji Rock this year...hey cheeseman, you should check them out....


also, a healthy dose of funk is good for the soul...Bring on the P-FUNK


blues, rock, ambient, deep house, and jazz also make me happy!





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Thanks for the tip danz.


I hope the "Incident" wasn't a bad one. But there would be few incidents involving our favorite foodstuff that would be bad.


I will have to check this out.

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