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What do you like about Japan. Tell me.

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Shiga Kogen, Hakuba 47 and Niseko has them.....that's the only ones I can recall. When I first came to Japan I was surprised that such a tech savvy place didn't have them across the board

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From a visitors eye....



Cleaner then clean.

Everything works.

Great for shopping.

Whatever product, the quality is perfect.

Everything is organized.

Perfect food quality.

Good hotels (ok, small rooms, but good price)

Best ski in Asia.



Smoking allowed in restaurants.

Travel can be expensive.

Locals seem to ignore foreigners.

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Originally Posted By: thursday
it's only recently that Europe have cotton on. And even so, it's not widely used there at all (in Restaurants).

I wish you were right. Even in the EU you need to go to 'better' places coz many places don't make food by themselves anymore and use 'convenience' products. When you buy ready made, microwave, instant food in EU/US it will be very hard to avoid.

In the US I saw some Asian restaurants that advertise with "No MSG Added". This is good, but then, in the USA most (western) restaurants belong to one franchise or another, and they use lots of ready made products (and therefore MSG).

What puzzles me about Japan is simply that Japan has a very high food standard and seems to be addicted to that chemical.

For me it's not a religious issue. At home I avoid it. Outside I take care not to get too much and get sick (got sick in Hakuba from a Curry lunch once).
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I watched a documentary about food additives and MSG was featured heavily, they did an experiment where they took a group of self-confessed MSG-allergic people to 2 types of restaurants....a chinese one (which are widely accepted as using MSG) and an Indian one (I think....this was the one that most people said din't use MSG). They brought in their own chefs and made the Chinese food witout MSG and the Indian food with MSG to see if the people would complain of allegic symptoms at the correct restaurant......they didn't. The people complained of symptoms at the chinese one and not the Indian one. It was pretty funny to watch.


Asian cooking regularly uses a lot of MSG often in place of salt.

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